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1959 Geodetic Engineer-Czech Technical University, Prague
1963 Honours in the highest category of the state professional examination in surveying
1968 Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics-Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prague
1993 Dr.Sc. (Mathematical and Physical Sciences) - Czech Academy of Science, Prague
1999 Honorary Research Professor, UNB.
2002 Professor Emeritus, UNB.

Awards and Recognitions

1967‑1968 Natural Environmental Research Council of Great Britain - Senior Research Fellowship.
1969‑1971 National Research Council of Canada - Postdoctorate Fellowship.
1975, 1976, 1979, 1984 summers National Research Council of Canada - Visiting Professorship at University of Parana, Brazil.
1978 5 mos U.S. Academy of Science - Senior Visiting Scientist at National Geodetic Survey, Rockville, Maryland.
1981 May University of Sao Paulo, Brazil - Visiting Professorship.
1981, 1982 summers University of Stuttgart, West Germany - Visiting Professorship.
1983 Telefix Award for best paper published during 1982 in The Canadian Surveyor on electronic positioning (with Drs. Wells and Delikaraoglou).
1984 Canadian Institute of Surveying Presidential Citation.
1984‑85 UNB Merit Award for excellence in teaching and research.
1986 Swedish National Research Council - Visiting Research Fellow, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

South African Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Research Fellow, September 2-11.
1987 Fellowship of American Geophysical Union.
1989 Senior Distinguished Scientist - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (FRG) award.
1991 Fellowship of International Association of Geodesy.
1993 UNB Merit Award for excellence in teaching and research.
1996 CGU J. Tuzo Wilson medal for outstanding contributions to Canadian geophysics.
1998 O'Connor Fellow, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA., January-March.
1999‑2002 Honorary Research Professor in UNB.
2003 Visiting Scientist, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, February-March.
2003 Fellowship in Czechoslovak Society for Arts and Sciences.

Membership in Professional Associations

1970‑ American Geophysical Union (fellow since 1987)
1970‑2004 Canadian Institute of Surveying and Mapping (member of Committee on Geodesy 1990-1992) now Canadian Institute of Geomatics
1973‑96 Geological Association of Canada (fellow)
1976‑ Canadian Geophysical Union (president 1986-88)
1981‑2002 Association of Professional Engineers of New Brunswick (NBPEG) member
2003‑ NBPEG associate membership
1989‑ European Geophysical Society

Membership in Other Societies

1977‑86 New York Academy of Sciences (member)
1978‑2001 The Explorers Club (fellow)
2002‑ The Explorers Club Fellow Emeritus
1976‑2002 Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (member)
1979‑2000 Sigma Xi Society (member)

International Involvement

1972‑1990 Member, International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics Commission on Recent Crustal Movements Special Study Group for North America. Canadian rep. 1975-1990.
1972‑ Reviewer, Manuscripta Geodaetica, Bulletin Geodesique, Journal of Geophysical Research, Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics, Geophysical Research Letters, Tectonophysics, Marine Geodesy, Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, and others, Computers in Geosciences.
1973 External examiner for the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
1973‑78 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group V-29 (Astrogravimetric and Astrogeodetic Methods for Determining the Geoid).
1974 External advisor to U.S. National Geodetic Survey, NOAA, on sea level slope problems.
1975‑1990 External advisor to U.S. Geological Survey on geodetic applications in contemporary geodynamics.
1975‑83 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 1.21 (Numerical Computations of Large Triangulation Networks).

Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 1.41 (Application of Inertial Techniques to Geodesy).
1977 Visiting scientist for 6 months at U.S. National Centre for Earthquake Research (USGS), Menlo Park, Ca.
1978 Session Chairman, GEOP 9 International Conference, Columbus, Oh, October.
1978‑82 Member, AGU Selection Committee (Russian papers for translation) for Geodesy, Mapping and Photogrammetry.
1979‑1990 Member, International Editorial Board of Manuscripta Geodaetica, Springer.
1980‑83 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 4.60 (Statistical Methods for Estimation and Testing of Geodetic Data).

Special Study Group 5.63 (Time Dependent Earth Deformation Models for Local Reduction Problems).
1980‑83 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group (Geodetic Applications to the Prediction of Earthquake and Volcanic Activity).
1982 External examiner, Ardhi Institute, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
1982‑83 External consultant on geodesy to Regional Centre for Services in Surveying and Mapping, Nairobi, Kenya (May 1982; July 1983).
1982‑85 Member, U.S. NRC/Academy of Sciences Committee on Geodesy, Washington.
1983‑87 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 4.56 (Differential Geometry of the Gravity Field).
1983‑87 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 1.75 (World Vertical Reference System).
1983‑87 President, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 4.96 (Models for Time Dependent Geodetic Positioning).
1983‑87 Representative of International Association of Geodesy to International Geological Correlation Program, UNESCO Project #200 (Sea Level Correlations and Applications).
1984 External consultant (geodesy) to National Cartographic Centre, Tehran, Iran.
1984 Session Chairman, AGU Chapman Conference on Vertical Crustal Motion, Harpers Ferry, WV, October.
1984‑86 Member, American Geophysical Union Education and Human Resources Committee.
1985 Session Chairman, NAVD'85 Symposium, Washington, DC, April.

Session Chairman, Tenth Earth Tide Symposium, Madrid, Spain, September.
1986 Session Chairman, International Workshop on "Mathematical-Geodetic Methods for the Determination of Geoid and Topography", organized by the Geodetic Institute of University of Stuttgart, Lambrecht, Federal Republic of Germany, October.
1987 Co-convenor of U-5 Symposium on Slow Deformations and Transmissions of Stress in the Earth at the IUGG General Assembly, Vancouver, B.C., August.
1987‑91 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 4-120 (Non-linear adjustment).
1987‑91 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 5-121 (Causes and mechanisms of post-glacial uplift).
1987‑91 Member, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group 5-123 (Definition and realization of terrestrial reference system).
1988‑93 Member of the Executive Committee of Geoid Commission of the International Association of Geodesy.
1988‑91 Member of "Charles Whitten Medal Committee" of the American Geophysical Union.
1988 Consultant in IBGE, Rio de Janeiro on: systematic errors in levelling, sea surface topography, adjustment of levelling networks, transformations between horizontal datums, GPS software.
1989‑97 President, International Association of Geodesy Special Study Group GALOS (Geodetic Aspects of the Law of the Sea). Since 1990 GALOS was a Sub-commission and since 1995 it is a Committee of IAG.
1990‑2000 Member of Scientific Board, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
1990‑2000 Editor of Studia Geophysica et Geodetica, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
1990 Panel leader (geodetic aspects of the Law of Sea) INSMAP '90 conference, Miami, Fla., October.
1990, 91 Consultant to National Cartographic Centre and National Cartographic Organization, both in Tehran, Iran.
1990‑ External Advisor, Department of Surveying Engineering, K.N. Toosi Technical University, Tehran, Iran.
1991 Convenor, Session on "Mathematical Modelling", AGU Chapman Conference on Crustal Motions, Annapolis, MD, September.
1991‑99 Vice-President, IAG Commission on Recent Crustal Motions.
1991 Convenor, International Conference of GALOS, Vienna, August.
1992‑95 Editor-in-Chief of Manuscripta Geodaetica and Bulletin Géodésique.
1992‑95 Member of AGU North American Advisory Committee.
1992 Convenor, International Conference on GALOS, Bali, June.
1993 Co-Convenor, International Association of Geodesy's 8th International Conference on Recent Crustal Movements, Kobe, Japan, 7-11 December. Session Chairman and Co-Convenor, Mathematical Modelling of Crustal Motions.
1993 Chaired GALOS meeting at the International Association of Geodesy General Assembly, Beijing, People's Republic of China, 9-14 August.
1994‑2001 Member of joint International Association of Geodesy and International Hydrographic Organisation Advisory Board on Technical and Geodetic Aspects of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (ABLOS) on behalf of IAG. Vice-chairman 1994-97, chairman 1997-99.
1994‑ Member of IAG Commission on Mathematical Geodesy.
1996 Convenor, Second International Conference GALOS, Bali, July 1-4.

Chaired session on Continental Shelf Delimitation and a panel session on Law and Science.
1998‑1999 Member of international team for the assessment of Finnish Geodetic Institute (for Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry).
1998‑2000 Member of AGU Committee of Supporting Members.
1999 Convenor, ABLOS International Technical Conference, Monaco, Sept. 9-10.
2000 Co-convenor, Session on "One centimetre geoid", IAG International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Geodynamics 2000, Banff, July 31-August 4.
2006‑2008 Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, K.N. Toosi Technical University, Tehran, Iran.

National Involvement

1972‑74 Secretary, National Research Council Subcommittee on Geodesy.

Secretary of the National Organizing Committee for the International Symposium on Problems Related to the Redefinition of the North American Geodetic Network, held in Fredericton.
1972‑75 Reporter for the Geodesy chapter of the Canadian Geophysical Bulletin.
1972‑ Reviewer, Canadian Surveyor, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.
1973 Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Scientific Geodesy, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources.
1973‑78 Member, Canadian GEOS-3 team of investigators.
1974‑76 Reporter for the Canadian Geoscience Council Annual Report (Geodesy).
1974‑77 National Correspondent (Geodesy) of the Canadian Geophysical Union.
1975 Convenor of the Canadian Geophysical Union Symposium on Satellite Geodesy and Geodynamics, Waterloo.

Member, Canadian Institute of Surveying convention program committee.
1976 Convenor, Canadian Geophysical Union Symposium on Trends in Modern Geodesy, Laval.
1976‑80 Member, National Research Council Canadian National Committee for Geodynamics.
1976‑91 Member, Canadian Geophysical Union executive. Vice-President 1985-86. President 1987-89, Past President 1989-91.
1979 Organizer, Sixth Annual Meeting of Canadian Geophysical Union, Fredericton.
1980 Chairman of Technical Program, International Symposium on Problems Related to the Redefinition of North American Vertical Networks, Ottawa, May.
1980‑85 Member, NRC Canadian National Committee for International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics.
1981 Geodesy representative on "Next Decade of Earth Sciences in Canada" workshop.
1982‑85 Member, editorial board, Canadian Geophysical Union Newsletter.
1985 Session Chairman, Colloquium on Surveying and Mapping Education, Fredericton, June.
1985‑93 Member, National Advisory Committee on Control Surveys and Mapping Working Group on GPS Applications in Canada, changed to Canadian Committee on Positioning from Space of Survey Centre, EMR.
1986 Consultant to the Government of the Province of Ontario.
1987‑90 Geodetic Research Services Ltd. (vice-president)
1990‑2001 Geodetic Research Services Ltd (President)
1988‑92 "Canadian Geoid Committee" of Survey Centre, EMR (chairman)
1993‑94 "Canadian Geoid Committee" of Survey Centre, EMR (member)
1998 Convenor of ABLOS Seminar, Fredericton, N.B.
1999 Consultant to Universal Systems Ltd., Fredericton.
1999‑ Principal Investigator, "GEOIDE" National Centre of Excellence.


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