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GGE News - 2017

GIS Newsroom Opens at UNB

A new site to serve as a newsroom of GIS-related activities at UNB has been set up at Through this site, UNB aspires to facilitate communications among faculty, staff, and students with an interest in geospatial information systems and science. Browse the links on the home page for GIS news, events, openings, people, labs, and courses at UNB.

Dr. Zhang's EarthView3D Project Featured in the CFI 20th Anniversary Book

Funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Canada Research Chairs program, and the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation Research Technicians Initiative, Dr. Yun Zhang and his EarthView3D project team in the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at UNB developed ground-breaking technology and a software system to generate seamless global 3D images and 3D line maps for realistic virtual reality (VR) visualization. Using a VR tool, one can travel virtually all over the world exploring the ocean floors, mountain ridges and valleys, and even one's own neighbourhood in realistic 3D without ever leaving home.

The project was selected by CFI for its 20th anniversary book, Innovation: A Desire to Make Things Better. A total of 37 outstanding research projects were selected by CFI for the book out of the thousands of projects across Canada funded by CFI since its inception.

The book, as a PDF file, may be downloaded from here.

Click on the thumbnail to see more about the book and Dr. Zhang's project.

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Spring Graduate Seminar and Student Technical Conference

The GGE Spring 2017 Graduate Seminar and Student Technical Conference was held on Thursday, 16 March. The well-attended activity showcased the work of five Ph.D., four M.Sc.E., one M.Eng, and one visiting student, making presentations of their selected topics previously documented in formal papers.

This round included high quality presentations covering topics from three of our GGE disciplines: geographic information science, geodesy, and remote sensing. The sessions were chaired by Alex Turner, a GGE M.Sc.E. student. You can download the seminar agenda, including the presentation abstracts, by clicking here.

Click on the thumbnail to get a better look.

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