Geographic Databases & Information Systems

   CreateSpace Independent Publications, August 2014.

Geographic Databases and Information Systems


Emmanuel Stefanakis
Associate Professor in Geographic Information Systems and Science
University of New Brunswick, Canada

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Chapters and Slides

  1. Nature of Geographic Data [Slides]
  2. Measuring the Earth [Slides]
  3. Map Projections [Slides]
  4. Geographic Information Systems [Slides]
  5. Database Systems [Slides]
  6. Database System Design [Slides]
  7. Advanced Topics in Database Systems [Slides]
  8. Data Structures and Algorithms [Slides]
  9. Geographic Representation Models [Slides]
  10. Geographic Data Models [Slides]
  11. Geographic Data Analysis [Slides]
  12. Computational Geometry [Slides]
  13. Spatial Data Structures [Slides]
  14. Geographic Operation Execution Strategies [Slides]
  15. Geographic Database Systems [Slides]

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