Web Mapping and Geospatial Web Services: An Introduction

   CreateSpace Independent Publications, July 2015.

Web Mapping book


Emmanuel Stefanakis
Associate Professor in Geographic Information Systems and Science
University of New Brunswick, Canada
URL: http://www2.unb.ca/~estef/  

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Chapters and Slides

  1. Maps on the Web [Slides]
  2. HTML Language [Slides]
  3. XML Language [Slides]
  4. XML-based Languages for Geography and Mapping [Slides]
  5. Extending the Functionality of the Client [Slides]
  6. Extending the Functionality of the Server [Slides]
  7. Web Services for Mapping [Slides]
  8. Spatial Data Infrastructures [Slides]
  9. Development of Spatial Data Infrastructures

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