Network for Biological Invasions and Dispersal Research

Project Overview

The spread and impact of introduced species is one of the most important applied problems in ecology. In North America, invasive exotic species are widespread. Associated costs are immense, exceeding $100 billion US per year (Pimentel, D et al, BioScience 50:53-65 (January 2000)). Our project develops local research collaborations between academics, government and industry to suggest new methods for both preventing invasions and managing existing invasion problems. Resulting local research groups from across Canada will form an informal "Invasions Network" of researchers under the Mprime research project umbrella.

The project currently focuses on several problems:

The broad problem of biological invasions can be broken into two areas

Our project intends to focus on both prediction and control. Our problem is to develop protocols for managing existing invasions and for quickly identifying and responding to new outbreaks.