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As of March 31, 2021, this page is no longer updated. For my up-to-date website, please visit https://sites.google.com/view/danielvoyer/home

The Musical Talents of Daniel Voyer

My Music

When listening to my "performances", some of you might think that I shouldn't quit my day job! Oh, well. I'm having a really good time and that's what a hobby is all about! Besides, I love my day job too much to think about quitting!

I played classical guitar when I was a teenager and keyboard when I was an undergraduate student (with a stint on the vibraphone) but I stopped playing music when I started my PhD. Then, in June 2002, I took the momentous decision to get into it again and I have no regrets!

guitar humidor

I've been doing multitrack recording for a while now and I'm having a lot of fun.

I think that you will recognize this song.

This one follows a Spanish theme, that is why I called it The Spanish Main. A great song for solo improvisation!

This is a quick improvisation on a classic.


Note: If I infringe on someone's copyrights (you know who you are) let me know and I will remove the files!

Some of my favorite musicians' websites:

Peter Gabriel

Chris de Burgh

Shawn Phillips

Musical Box: This band "has undertaken the task of re-enacting Genesis' performances as originally presented between 1973 and 1975" (quoted from their web page). Check it out. Unfortunately, they seem to be endlessly updating their web page. If they ever get it done, they have amazing video excerpts that will give you a sense of what the Genesis from the early 70's (my favorite band) was all about. Note: In my mind, Genesis ended in 1975.

Note: Inclusion of the external links above does not indicate that I endorse any products they might be selling.

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