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Daniel in Badlands

Be yourself. No one is more qualified!
- Chinese wisdom (well, from a fortune cookie)

Welcome to My Interests

As of March 31, 2021, this page is no longer updated. For my up-to-date website, please visit https://sites.google.com/view/danielvoyer/home

  • Music - I played classical guitar when I was a teenager and keyboard when I was an undergraduate student (with a stint on the vibraphone) but I stopped playing music when I started my PhD, in 1987. Then, in June 2002, I took the momentous decision to get into it again and I have no regrets! It didn't seem to be that much fun when I was a teenager!

     If you are interested in knowing more about
    my musical talent and tastes, check it out...
  • Travel - Traveling in a motorhome is the best way to travel as far as I'm concerned! No luggage to carry to the hotel room, no cooler to worry about, the toilet is always available, you can stop and prepare food or have a snooze in a good bed anytime. That's the life!
    If you would enjoy reading about
    my motorhome adventures, read on...
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