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Are you taking one of my courses? This is where you can find information about my office location, how to contact me, the grading system I use for all my courses, and relevant links.

The undergraduate courses I typically teach include:

  • Psyc2103 (Introduction to Research and Statistical Methods in Psychology)
  • Psyc3745 (Survey of the Senses)
  • The graduate courses I typically teach include:

  • Psyc6002 (Statistics and Design II)
  • Psyc6111 (Seminar in Perception)
  • All registered students may obtain the course syllabus, and lecture notes on Desire2Learn.

    Contact Information

    Mailing Address:
    Daniel Voyer, Ph.D.
    Department of Psychology
    University of New Brunswick
    38 Dineen Dr., Room 119
    Fredericton, NB
    Canada E3B 5A3

    Phone: 506-453-4974
    email: voyer@unb.ca

    Office: room K113, Keirstead Hall


    Relevant Links

    UNBF Department of Psychology

    UNBF Psychology Undergraduate Program

    University of New Brunswick main page



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