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Human Rights Complaint concerning the Canada Research Chairs Program

Biography of complainants

Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Simon Fraser University
Marjorie Griffin Cohen is a tenured Professor at Simon Fraser University. She is cross-listed with the Political Science Department and Women's Studies. She was the recipient of the Dean of Arts Medal in 2000, for academic excellence at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Cohen was the Chair of Women's Studies from 1996-1999. She is also the former Director for B.C Hydro and B.C. Power Exchange.

Louise Forsyth, University of Saskatchewan
Louise Forsyth is a Professor in Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. She is also an Associate Member in the Departments of French and Drama. Her areas of research interest are: Quebec Women Writers, Feminist Critical Theory, Feminist Theatre, and Post-Colonial and Cultural Studies. She teaches in the areas of popular culture, gender, and technology.

Glenis Joyce, University of Saskatchewan
Glenis Joyce, Women’s Studies in Extension, University of Saskatchewan has developed and implemented wide-ranging programs related to the status of women in Saskatchewan. The over-riding goal of her work has been to use research on and by women to effect practical and lasting change in women’s lives. Her many connections to the community have included nine years as an active member of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Gender Equity Committee, a two-year appointment as Chair of the Saskatchewan Advisory Council on the Status of Women, and an appointment by the Minister of Agriculture, Government of Saskatchewan, to the Agriculture Review Committee. She spearheaded the development of several women’s organizations such as the Saskatchewan Women’s Agricultural Network and the Saskatoon Women’s Network.

Audrey Kobayashi, Queen's University
Audrey Kobayashi is a Professor at Queen's University in the Department of Geography. She is cross-listed with the Institute of Women’s Studies. From 1994-1999, she served as Director for the Institute of Women’s Studies. Government departments for whom she has provided formal consulting reports on aspects of employment equity: Treasury Board Secretariat, Public Service Commission of Canada, Status of Women Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Human Resources Development Canada, and Canadian Race Relations Foundation. Dr. Kobayashi has conducted extensive research, and has been published, in the fields of employment, immigration, racism, gender, human rights and critical legal studies

Shree Mulay, McGill University
Shree Mulay is a Professor with the Department of Medicine, McGill University, in Montreal. She is currently the Director of McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women, and the Assistant Director for the Endocrinology and Clinical Biochemistry Laboratories at the Royal Victoria Hospital. in 2002, Dr. Mulay was awarded the Elizabeth Monk Prize from the University Club of Montreal for contributions to Post Secondary Education of Women. She is recognized as an expert in research on women’s reproductive health, nationally and internationally.

Michèle Ollivier, Universite d'Ottawa
Michèle Ollivier is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Ottawa. Her research interests include: sociology of culture and taste, information and communication technologies, social stratification and inequalities, social relations of gender, and research methodology and epistemology. Dr. Ollivier has conducted research, and been published, in the areas of feminist research methodologies, information technologies, and francophone culture. Along with Wendy Robbins, she is the co-founder and co-moderator of PAR-L, a Canadian electronic feminist listserv and web site. PAR-L is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Susan Prentice, University of Manitoba
Susan Prentice is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology,at the University of Manitoba. She was the 2001 recipient of the Arts Celebrating Arts Award from the Faculty of Arts. In 2000, she was also awarded the President’s Outreach Award for Service at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Prentice has been published extensively in the areas of women and health care, child care, education, work, and employment equity. She has also conducted numerous public and university lectures in these areas.

Wendy Robbins, University of New Brunswick
Wendy Robbins is a Professor with the Department of English at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. She is a co-founder of Women's Studies, of which she is former Co-ordinator. Along with Michele Ollivier, she co-founded and co-moderates PAR-L, a Canadian electronic feminist listserv and web site. PAR-L is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Dr. Robbins is currently Vice President, Womens Issues, Canadian Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences. She is also Vice President (anglophone), for the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity. In 1998, she was the Joint Chair in Womens Studies / Chaire conjointe en Etudes des femmes at the Universite de Ottawa, and Carleton University.

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