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Human Rights Complaint concerning the Canada Research Chairs Program

As posted on PAR-L, 21 March 2003

Dear Parleuses,

Last Monday (March 17) the latest round of appointments to Canada Research Chairs was announced. The CRC Web site has been updated now to include all 847 Chairs awarded from December 2000 to this month, March 2003. Of these, 135 Chairs have gone to women, and 712 to men.

The percentage awarded to women has now climbed from last year's figure of 15% to all of 16%; in my view, a continuing national disgrace.

The data are online at:

en francais:

The group of 8 who filed a request in February with the Canadian Human Rights Commission for a Special Inquiry into gender and other equity issues in the CRC program, or else the filing of a human rights complaint against Industry Canada which funds the program, has received an acknowledgement of receipt of our documentation, but we have not yet had a response.


Wendy Robbins

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