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Some of our Recent Graduates

Mustafa Berber - Turkey
I earned my PhD at UNB in year 2006.
Currently I am working as an Assistant Professor at Department of Civil Engineering in Ryerson University in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Azadeh Koohzare - Iran
I obtained my PhD degree in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at UNB in 2007.
I am currently the project manager with McElhanney Associates in Vancouver branch. My role involves managing the R & D projects, including proposal preparation and team leadership. I am responsible for the technical issues of the projects and budget control. I also provide technical advices to internal departments and external clients for highly technical geodesy and geomatics projects.

Jianfeng Zhao - China
I earned my M.Sc.E degree at UNB in 2007.
I am currently in Toronto, Ontario, working with ESRI Canada as a GIS Analyst. I'm now an ESRI authorized instructor for a number of courses.

Miguel Vasquez - Chile
I was deployed by the Chilean Navy to study at UNB on August 2005. I earned my MScE in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering in 2007.
Currently I'm in charge of the Nautical Chart Production in the Chilean Hydrographic Office (SHOA). This type of work is assigned to Hydrographers class "A" which have skills and knowledge to direct people and material specialized in bathymetric data analysis. Other works are:

  1. Chief of Continental Shelf project at SHOA.
  2. Bathymetric data process adviser.
  3. Chilean manager in IHO special publication No. 44.

Jason Bond - Canada
I earned my PhD at UNB in 2007.
I am currently in Fredericton working with Measurand Inc. as Manager of Geotechnical Solutions. I am involved in the development of their ShapeAccelArray technology for deformation monitoring applications.

Andres Millan - Spain
I earned my Master of Engineering degree at UNB in May 2008.
The title of my Master's Report was "Sailing Directions in Digital Format: And Opportunity for Enriched Media and Information Content". I defended it in December 2007. I am a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Spanish Navy. I am currently in Cádiz (Spain) working in the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, as the Chief of Bathymetric Data Processing and Validation. My task involves basically the reception of the bathymetric data from the hydrographic ships and their process and validation as a necessary previous step before their inclusion in the nautical chart.