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Release date: February 9, 1996


Craig Wood has created a WorldWideWeb site to help students at the University of New Brunswick locate their classes on the Fredericton campus. What's outstanding about this accomplishment is that Mr. Wood is still in high school.

A Grade 12 student at Fredericton High, Mr. Wood is the son of Jim and Debbie Wood of New Maryland, N.B. He spent his mornings from September through January as a co-op student in UNB's department of geodesy and geomatics engineering. During that time, he developed his Web site using the Internet and CARIS geographic information system (GIS) software.

"Students just need to type in a course number and select the section of the course they're in," explains Mr. Wood. "Then the building where that section is offered will appear highlighted on a campus map on the computer screen. His Web site includes all of the course sections that appear in the official university timetable.

"This is a great convenience for students," says Marta Wojnarowska, manager of the department's GIS lab. "At the beginning of the year when students are starting classes, they are in a wild rush. This tool can really help them."

When students register for classes on-line, they can use the same computer to check out where their classes are, providing it has graphics capability. Mr. Wood's Web site will soon be linked to the Internet home page of the department of geodesy and geomatics engineering under the section for high schools. The department's home page, located at, is linked to UNB's as well.

"Craig's project is quite a remarkable achievement for someone with so little computer experience," says Mrs. Wojnarowska. "Before he was able to produce maps, he had to learn to use GIS software." He also learned two programming languages and text editing packages, as well as how to use four different operating systems: Window, DOS, UNIX and Macintosh.

"I enjoy coming here and look forward to it every day," said Mr. Wood, as he approached the end of his term. "My computer skills have come a long way in so little time. There isn't a day that I don't come in here and learn something."

In fact, he enjoyed his work at UNB so much that he often lost track of time. "I was supposed to be here from 8:30 to 11 a.m. each morning but I often worked through until quarter to 12.

"I really enjoyed working with and meeting faculty, staff and students from this department and others," he added. "This co-op term has given me a better insight into the university environment and more reasons to come to UNB next year."

Mr. Wood, who is one of approximately 150 FHS students who have co-op placements throughout the city during 1995-96, plans to study engineering after he graduates from FHS.

Supervised by Mrs. Wojnarowska and David Coleman, a professor of geodesy and geomatics engineering, Mr. Wood also received substantial technical support from Rob Murray in UNB's computing services department.

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