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Graduate Technical Conference 2006
Photos: Tracey Hawco Winchester, 2006-March-24

A special thank you to Graduate Secretary Sylvia Whitaker who not only helped to organize the conference but also did a spectacular job of catering the food for the reception that followed.

Prizes were donated by John Holmlund of Focus Corporation; Canadian Institute of Geomatics, New Brunswick Branch; A. Chrzanowski & Associates; and the Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering.

Click here to look at the conference brochure. (a 1 MB PDF document)

The paper prizes were awarded as follows:

Graduate Paper 1st Prize: Kevin Webb shown receiving his award from GGE alumna Heather Stairs (Class of 2000) from Focus Corporation.

Graduate Paper 2nd Prize: Carl Deschenes receiving his award from Dr. Adam Chrzanowski.

Graduate Paper 3rd Prize: Rodrigo Leandro receives his award from Dr. Marcelo Santos.

CIG Paper Competition 1st Prize: Ian Church receives his award from David Finley, Canadian Institute of Geomatics, New Brunswick Branch.

CIG Paper Competition 2nd Prize: Robyn Fraser and Heather Stairs.

CIG Paper Competition 3rd Prize: Brandon Mol and Heather Stairs.

The reception after the conference was well attended.

The CIG Paper Competition was judged by left to right: Dave Finley, Service New Brunswick; Stephen Hartley, Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors; and Bernie Connors, Environment and Local Government, Province of New Brunswick.

The Graduate Paper Competition was judged by Professor Emeritus Angus Hamilton and retired professor Gerhard Gloss. Left to right: Angus Hamilton, Adam Chrzanowski and Gerhard Gloss.

Left to right: Conference organizer Krista Amolins, Sylvia Whitaker, and conference organizer, Steven Brucker.