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Old Gravimeter New Again

The gravimeter upgrade includes the use of lightweight lithium ion batteries as well as connection with a vehicle power socket, converting reading light to low heat LED's and retrofitting a digital LED temp/battery voltage monitor.

The newly upgraded gravimeter will continue serving as a teaching and research tool. The gravimeter is used in the GGE courses "Geodesy I" and "Gravity Field and Geodetic Networks" as well as in the Geology course "Exploration Geophysics". It will also be used for gravity data collection in various research projects. One such project is a study of the gravitational signature and structure of a meteorite impact crater in northern Québec.

Read the associated UNB news release.

Lacoste & Romberg G28 gravimeter. (Photo: Terry Arsenault, 2006-March-22)

From left to right, Dr. Karl Butler, Dr. Marcelo Santos and Mr. John Evangelatos (Geology graduate student) using the gravimeter. (Photo: Terry Arsenault, 2006-March-22)

From left to right, Prof. Gottfried Konecny accompanied by Mr. K. Wong and Mr. D. Lever doing a gravity survey with the original gravimeter. (Photographer unknown, 1964)