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Geomatics Day 2006 at UNB

Geomatics is the art, science, and technology involved in collecting, managing and displaying geographically-referenced information. This information can come from a variety of sources such as earth orbiting satellites (e.g., the Global Positioning System and RadarSat), and sea-borne sensors. Geographical information, manipulated with high tech computer technology, plays an important role in many activities such as management of land and marine resources, monitoring of dams for subsidence or movement, and the navigation of both ships and aircraft.

UNB's Geomatics Day 2006 will consist of presentations, displays and cake!!!

Presentations will include use of geomatics technology at the city of Fredericton, use of the technology in mapping the ocean floors, and monitoring the Mactaquac Dam. A show-and-tell of the geomatics outreach activities performed at local K-12 schools will also be presented.

Displays will both showcase geomatics technology and allow you to interact with geomatics technology. Hands-on demonstrations include GPS receivers, Service New Brunswick's Property Information System (Planet), a Web 3D view of the City of Fredericton and a fly through of the bottom of the Saint John River.

Door prizes and cake consist of .... well it's a surprise!

Interested in learning more about "What Geomatics is?" and "What Geomatics Engineers do?". Curious about Geomatics technology at use at UNB, City of Fredericton, Province of New Brunswick and Beyond?
Join us as we celebrate Geomatics Day 2006.

This event is hosted this year by Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, University of New Brunswick (UNB), with participation by UNB Libraries, Service New Brunswick, CARIS, City of Fredericton, ESRI, Department of Environment, and the Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors.