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First Annual Student Technical Conference Held

Photos: Linda O'Brien, 2002·03·26-27

Day One: Back row from left to right: Joseph Harvie, Kevin Pegler (organizer), Sean Patterson, Doug Cartwright, Samer Diarbakerly (organizer), Steven Babstock, Tyson Newman, Jeff Aitken.

Front row from left to right: Shawn McFarlane, Jason Bond, Kevin Gray, Karen Cove, Clint Rumbolt, David Mayunga (organizer).

Missing: Melissa Condie, Mitchell Ettinger.

Day Two: Back row from left to right: Adam Stewart, David Long, Marc Rancourt, Kevin Pegler (organizer), Dwayne Cummings, Craig Smith, Garfield Giff (session chair), Matthew Carey, Stephen Burbridge, Samer Diarbakerly (organizer), Ken Paul, Mele Rakai.

Front row from left to right: Ryan McMahon, Kris Jewett, Michael Sutherland, Ali Ghafan, David Mayunga (organizer).

Missing: Brian Ross.