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GGE Well Represented at FIG/ACSM/ASPRS Congress

Photos: Peter Dare and Michael Sutherland, 2002·04·21 - 26

Manning the GGE booth, from left to right: Boipuso Nkwae, Sam Ng'ang'a, Greg Mulholland.

GGE graduate student Michael Sutherland.

GGE graduate student Boipuso Nkwae.

GGE graduate student Sam Ng'ang'a.

GGE graduate student Sara Cockburn.

Left to right: John Holmlund (Focus Corporation and GGE alumnus), Peter Dare (GGE), Dave Coleman (GGE).

Left to right: Dennis St. Jacques(Canadian Hydrographic Service and Chair of FIG Commission 4) and Michael Sutherland (GGE graduate student).