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Adam Chrzanowski Awarded Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa

Story: Anna Szostak-Chrzanowski
Photos: Anna Szostak-Chrzanowski, 2002·September·30

There were many invited guests from other universities and research institutions. Among the invited guests was Dr. John McLaughlin, President of UNB.

The inauguration began with a presentation by Prof. Ryszard Gorecki, the President of the University of Warmia and Masuria. He gave the vision and plans for further development of the university.

The next speaker was Aleksander Kwasniewski, the President of the Polish Republic. In his speech he praised the achievements and dynamics of the university and he greeted presidents of other universities, including the president of UNB. He also directed warm words of thanks and appreciation to Prof. Adam Chrzanowski for his contribution to Polish-Canadian cooperation in research and development. The President of the Polish Republic stated:
The words of my special attention are for Professor Adam Chrzanowski, the world-renowned specialist in geodetic sciences. Prof. Chrzanowski lives and works abroad, but his heart is always present here in Poland. Please, allow me to add to today's Laudation, which will be presented here in a moment, my personal thanks for all what you have done, Mr. Professor, for our Polish science and for promotion of Poland in the world.

Prof. John McLaughlin, in his presentation, emphasized the research and teaching cooperation between UNB and UWM and he also directed appreciative words toward Prof. Adam Chrzanowski. The presence of Prof. McLaughlin was described as a highlight of the inauguration.

Prof. Stanislav Oszczak, Head of Institute of Navigation and Satellite Geodesy at UWM, delivered the formal laudation and introduction of Prof. Adam Chrzanowski. In the laudation, Prof. Chrzanowski was described as a world-renown scientist in the field of Geomatics Engineering.

Prof. Chrzanowski's inauguration lecture on the "Interdisciplinary Role of Geodesy" closed the inauguration. In his concluding remarks, Prof. Chrzanowski stated that due to the full automation of technological and computational processes, curricula of Engineering and Earth Sciences programs should be changed to increase the scope of mathematics and physics at the cost of decreasing the teaching contents in technology.

After the inauguration, UNB delegates, Prof. John McLaughlin, Margaret McLaughlin, Prof. Adam Chrzanowski, and Prof. Anna Szostak-Chrzanowki met with several presidents of other universities and research institutes of Poland.