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2000 Angus Hamilton Lecture

Photos: Linda O'Brien, 2000.05.08

Left to right: Elizabeth Hamilton, Margaret Hamilton, and Angus Hamilton.

Left to right, Angus Hamilton, Karen Siderelis, and David Coleman (department chair).

Left to right: Dave Loukes (Champlain Institute), Mary Ogilvie (Service New Brunswick); Angus Hamilton, Karen Siderelis, Wayne Walsh (Canadian Institute of Geomatics).

Karen Siderelis has been involved with land resources information management and geographic information systems for almost 25 years. As Director of North Carolina's Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, she directs the state government's GIS service centre, oversees the development and maintenance of a statewide geographic database, and acts as secretary of the North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council. She is past president of the U.S. National States Geographic Information Council, Vice-Chair of the Mapping Sciences Committee of the National Research Council, and a member of the Advisory Board of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis.