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Saying Farewell to Larry Mayer

Photos: Terry Arsenault, 1999.12.22

In this photo, left to right, are Colin Ware, Larry Mayer (YES! holding a TIE!), Dave Wells, and John Hughes Clarke. A more extensive au revoir for Larry will be held in the spring.

Saying farewell to, from left to right, (Eugene Derenyi's back), Colin Ware, Larry Mayer (describing the fish that got away), Gui-hua Zhang (who was also leaving the Department for very different pastures), and Gui's daughter.

John Hughes Clarke, anticipating his move to Chair in Ocean Mapping, presenting Gui-hua Zhang with a thank-you gift.

Eugene Derenyi (who was in town for his son's wedding), Larry Mayer (wearing a TIE!!), and Gui-hua Zhang.