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Prof. Derenyi's Toast to Theresa

Toronto, on October 19th, the year of our Lord 1996

Dear Theresa,

Oh horror of horrors!!! and goblins with bags full of "mea culpa", the inexcusable sin has been committed for which I beg for your indulgence. I have missed this festive gathering. Surely I am in the DOGS house now.

My greeting is short, since as a good Christian, I had to type it with the Bible method: "Seek and ye shell find."

Mother Theresa, patron of graduate students, supporter of the old ex DOGS with receding hair line, failing eye sight and lapsing memory, I salute your many talents:

The list goes on and on. Theresa, you were a true manifestation of the slogan:
"The impossible we do immediately,
 Miracles take a little longer."
Please remember once in a while of the earthly GGE you are leaving behind, when you ascend to your heavenly GGE, the Gorgeous Grand-Manan Estate, and send forth the occasional carrier pigeon with a message about your well being. I am sure that Peter can arrange that.
All the best,
Have a rest,
In your nest.

Do not worry,
Do not hurry,
Time is plenty,

With best wishes from the top of the DOGS house,

sincerely yours,