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Retirement Revisited
Photos by Wendy Wells

On 9 October 1998, a felicitous group gathered for dinner at the Wu Centre on campus.

Angus Hamilton (above), who presented Noreen Bonnell (below, where she is surrounded by current and former department chairs and the current Dean of Engineering) with a UNB watch, spoke about her career with the department that began in September 1975. Above all, Noreen will be remembered for her rapport with the students who passed through the department over the years.

James Secord (above, with his wife, Donna Hammond) related various highlights of Adam Chrzanowski's (below) career with the department.

Adam was surprised with a caricature of himself, in addition to a UNB watch.

The caricature of Adam was done by Deborah Peyton (of Fine Tooning in Fredericton). Adam's love of the mountains is coupled with his exuberant personality (the bowtie and braces are brilliant red). The style of the globe follows that of the sculpture which Adam conceived and had constructed just outside Head Hall to mark the 30th anniversary of the Department but it also suggests his global nature and the fact that there are very few places where he has not been at least once.

At this point the proceedings took a turn toward the droll when Larry Mayer (above) rose to roast David Wells and present Dave (below) with a UNB pinky ring (not a watch, which Dave - rumor has it - doesn't know how to use).

Finally, on 10 December 1998, at an informal reception in the Faculty Lounge of the engineering building, Noreen and David (Adam was absent on business) were presented with rocking chairs, an Engineering Faculty tradition for retirees.

Noreen with, from left to right, Wolfgang Faig, Angus Hamilton, and David Coleman.

Dave Wells taking possession of his chair and waxing poetic about his (non-) retirement.