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The Big Green Bus

Left Brandon MB with trailer in tow ... flat front tire (bus) in Kenora ... no spare ... wife sends tires by bus ... 2 AM, back on the road.

Thunder Bay - Bus refuses to go faster than 10 kph .. ripped electronic governor off .. back to normal.

30 minutes later trailer breaks in half ... oops ... U-Haul© trailer rented in Thunder Bay ... first house I saw, I visited and gave the broken trailer away.

Third night, arrived in Fredericton ... pulled into Petro Canada beside the gas pump (gas engine in the bus) ... gas attendant stretched the DIESEL hose across two pumps and fills the bus - big ooops! ... Petro Canada purges the fuel tank and refills with gas.

10 Days - No problem

Four years later, graduated. Woo-hoo!!!!

Usher Canada offers to pay moving expenses to Edmonton - great. This means I can sell the bus and enjoy a return trip by car, no boxes.

Received 2 moving quotes. United Van Lines had the best quote; after viewing the apartment contents they estimate 4000 lbs. On the day of the move, a container arrives with 3 workers to load the contents.

Two hours later, the container is full and a lot of boxes are sitting on the sidewalk. Movers underestimated by approximately 2000 lbs.


Loaded the boxes, a motorcycle for Chad Johnson, and 5 spares hahaha. Big problem: can't drive 2 vehicles at once. Solution: tow bar. Formed the Newfie Caravan, old bus towing an equally old car - but solid. Left Fredericton and arrived in Manitoba with no problems. More boxes, kingsize bed and leather sofa in Brandon. 1,300 km to go, and to think some laughed at me for buying the bus.

The things we do in the name of higher education.

Stay tuned for "The Rest of the Story"

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