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Early Settlers

Settlers Passkey


Answer the questions on this page to get your "Settlers" passkey.
The answers will be found on the MAP-Early Settlers tab.
With four correct answers you'll receive your "Settlers" Passkey.

Collect passkeys for each of the four pages in the Geography section. Once you've collected all passkeys proceed to the GEOGRAPHY PUZZLE page to complete phase 2 of the puzzle.


Q1. The British Claimed area (1754) came from what source?

Q2. In 1866 who settled along the southern shore of the St. John River?

Q3. In 1866 natives of the province lived:

Q4. In 1866 which settlers bordered Maquapit Lake?:

0 / 4 correct

Early Settlers in New Brunswick

  • Adjust the transparency of the settler layer dragging the slider left and right
  • Change the years you want to look at by adjusting the Start/End time period
  • Click on/select any feature to find out more information about it

  • Type in your Time period of interest. -


    After the data has loaded, click on the polygons to get information about settler regions.

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