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This site is designed to promote awareness of the Grand Lake Meadows wetland region in New Brunswick through a review of historical maps of the region.

While aimed towards education of middle school children, this site is available for all to learn more about the importance of Grand Lake Meadows to New Brunswick and its peoples. The historical map collections used in this site are currently held at:

  • Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
  • Harriet Irving Library at the University of New Brunswick
  • New Brunswick Museum
  • Department of Natural Resources, Public Services
  • What can you expect to learn?

  • Where is Grand Lake Meadows?
  • Why is this area considered so valuable?
  • Who lived here?
  • When did they arrive?
  • Are there still people living off the land?
  • What was the role(s) of government?
  • Organization of this web site:

  • To learn more about Grand Lake Meadows click on the links under Home section: About Grand Lake Meadows, History of the area, and Present day activities

  • Under the History section, you'll view historical maps from the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s and 2000s. You'll also learn why historical maps are such valuable resources. There are five questions to anwswer on each of these pages. Once you've correctly answered these questions and collected your passkeys, proceed to the Historical Puzzles page in the Puzzles section.

  • In the Geography section you'll see the historical maps overlaid on present day maps. You can turn maps and layers on and off, and change the transparency of each. By selecting a feature in the map, you can find out more information about the feature! These pages also contain questions to answer. Once you have all correctly answered all the questions and collected your four passkeys, procced to the Geography Puzzles page in the Puzzles section.

  • Under the Go section you can view present day activities and take a Visual Tour of Grand Lake Meadows.

  • Click here to download the website User Guide. This guide outlines the web content and provides instructions about how to complete the puzzles and quizzes!

    Where is Grand Lake Meadows?

    Grand Lake Meadows project area is located in Sunbury and Queens counties in New Brunswick. In the image (on the right) below:

  • A: Western most extent of study area
  • B: Across Portobello Creek National Wildlife Area
  • C: Main Thoroughfare: French Lake to Maquapit Lake
  • D: Lower Thoroughfare: Maquapit Lake to Grand Lake
  • E: Jemseg River
  • F: Study area along the St. John River north of Gagetown Island
  • G: Study area follows the St. John River
  • Overview Study Area
    studyarea studyarea

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