Description: tasse

Dr. Josee Tasse - Associate Professor - Computer Science


BScCS (Universite de Montreal) - 1992
PhD (McGill University) - 1999
Employed at UNB Saint John since 1997

Research Interests

My main expertise is in software engineering. I have worked for a long time in the areas of software development processes, project management, and policy verification and evolution. More recently, my interests have shifted to the area of mining software repositories. More specifically, I am interested in mining software repositories (e.g., bug reports, mailing lists, CVS info and code versions, and etc.), extracting metrics out of them (e.g., type of code changes made such as "small local change" vs. "massive local change" vs. "lots of dispersed changes"), and then identifying patterns in such data. The patterns are used to understand the software development process, identify likely causes of problems, and make prediction models (e.g., what kind of changes to files - or combination of changes - tend to increase the chances of finding bugs later in that file?). I am especially interested in analyses of data in the form of time series (i.e., analyses that retain the temporal aspect of the data, and especially the identification of delayed effects). This area is actually the application and development of data analytics techniques to software engineering problems.

Students supervised

Supervised Amandeep (MCS): September 2000 to August 2002 - "Common Activities Identification Tool for View-Based Software Process Elicitation"
Supervised Jing Chen (MCS): September 2002 to December 2004 - "Measures and related methods to help manage the adoption of new software development policies"
Supervised Wanxiang Zhang (MCS): April 2005 to November 2006 - "Practical Approach for Monitoring Large Policy Set During Software Development"
Supervised James Stewart (Ph. D.): since September 2001 - "A Method for the Management and Evolution of Software Development Policies"