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Alessandra is a Brazilian psychologist who graduated from Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) and currently works as a research assistant in the Child Study Lab at the University of British Columbia (Canada). She started working in the lab as a Mitacs Globalink student in 2015 and now collaborates at distance back in Brazil. She also works as research supervisor at the Clinical Research Group on Psychosocial Care and Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs (Psiclin) at Federal University of Santa Catarina. Alessandra's research interests focus on the processes of resilience among children who thrive despite adversity. She is also interested in prevention science.

I am a third year undergraduate student at UBC majoring in Biopsychology. Growing up as a second-generation immigrant I have been fortunate enough to grow up in an extremely diverse household at a bridge between two cultures and upbringing. I also have a passion for working with youth and children and have spent many years dedicating my time creating and volunteering in programs created for youth, by youth. This lab has allowed for me to introduce these two very personal passions of mine into my work as a research assistant in Dr. Cameron's Child Study Lab. Fun Fact: I am a massive Harry Potter nut and have re-read all seven books every year since they've come out.

Anne Hunt has had a long career as an entrance class teacher, as a consultant in research and professional development and has taught courses in Early Literacy, Play, Children's Literature and Curriculum at both the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University. She has published widely in these areas. She was a member of the Early Childhood Research and Development Team at the Early Childhood Centre, University of New Brunswick. This team developed the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Childcare. Anne is also involved in the international Day in the Life project. Gardening, swimming and choral singing are favourite pastimes.

I am a fourth year Psychology student at the University of British Columbia, with an interest in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology. When I graduate, I have hopes of doing my Masters and PhD in Neuropsychology. However, I have a strong interest in Developmental Psychology and the way one's environment can influence the way we behave and grow up. I especially value Dr. Cameron's approach to multiculturalism and her heavy involvement with children. Many of her projects greatly interest me, and I feel privileged to be a part of them. I have recently become a research assistant for Dr. Cameron and plan to be a part of her team until I graduate.

I am a third-year Biopsychology undergraduate student majoring at UBC. Without taking any psychology courses, I had transferred to the Biopsychology department from Microbiology and Immunology based on my passion for reading clinical psychology novels. My father, from Nepal, and my mother, from China, decided to send my brother and I to a German international school in Singapore. This mixture of cultures I faced while growing up led to my interest in working in Dr. Cameron's cross-cultural study in moral deception, and I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to do so.

I am in my fourth year of my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of New Brunswick and I am working on completing my Honours in Psychology. I am working as a research assistant for Dr. Cameron, focusing on the cross-cultural study of truth telling and verbal deception with Asian and Canadian adolescents and children. I am very interested in cross-cultural studies, and I am excited to be working on this project!
Following graduation, I would like to work as a research assistant while applying to graduate school for Clinical Psychology. After I complete further education I would like to work with individuals in the adult and juvenile criminal justice systems.

Jesse completed the Psychology Honours program at UBC, and he is currently a graduate student in Special Education. He grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Canada for his high school and post-secondary education. His research interest lies in cultural differences in children development due to his bicultural identity. It is also his passion to support families with children with special needs coming from diverse cultural backgrounds. In his free time, he enjoys running and playing music with friends.

Kathy is currently pursuing a BSc. in Psychology at UBC and hopes to also double major in English literature. The cross-cultural aspects of Dr. Cameron's research interest her immensely, and so she is grateful for the opportunity to work in the Child Study Labs. She is very excited to work with and learn from the brilliant minds of this research team! Kathy also volunteers at her local hospital, wheeling around a library cart to patients. She does what she can to spread her love of books, especially when it comes to children's fiction. At home she has more books than can fit on her bookshelf and yet still goes to the library way too often.

Neringa is a doctoral student at Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program at UBC conducting research within the disciplines of Social Work and Psychology. Neringa's research interests focus on the processes of resilience among youth of colour in Canada facing marginalization on the basis of their ethno-cultural background. Her practice work is supporting the most vulnerable young people and adults affected by mental illness and addiction through their recovery. Neringa has been involved as a graduate research assistant in UBC's Child Study Lab for the last four years, for the most part working on the Day in Life projects with kindergarten children as well as older adults in Canada and Lithuania.

Saman is a fourth year Integrated Sciences student who joined Dr. Cameron's lab as a work-study student. The lab offers him the unique opportunity to collaborate with researchers from across the globe to gain a cross-cultural understanding of childhood development and family relations. He hopes that his time in the lab will equip him with new research skills, experience, and knowledge that will allow him to make a meaningful contribution to the healthcare field. When not in the lab, Saman can be found volunteering across campus and exercising to stay healthy and fit.

My name is Shuai Shao, and I am a senior Psychology student in Beijing. In the summer of 2016, I worked with Dr. Cameron as a Mitacs Globalink Research Intern at UBC. Being Chinese, I am really interested in the cross-cultural aspect of Psychology, especially the difference in moral development between the Western and Eastern cultures. I was mainly engaged in the Trust and Truth-Telling Project and Verbal Deception Project. Also, I had an unforgettable visit to a family in the Day in the Life Project. Now I am back in Beijing to finish my undergraduate studies while I am still keeping in touch with the lab members all around the world. In future, I will continue pursuing my academic career in Psychology.


The Child Study Lab has provided great learning opportunities for students to conduct research in cultural and developmental psychology. Over the years, the Lab has been proud to have included the following research students who have contributed much to the success of the Lab's work. They have gone on to pursue many diverse initiatives in their professional and personal lives, and we wish them the very best in their future endeavours, some of which involve continuing collaborations with the Lab.

I'm an alumna of the UBC's Child Study Labs. Currently, I am attending graduate school at Adler University in Chicago, majoring in Counseling with specialization in Sports and Health Psychology. I still very much love children, and I am working as an intern at a psychiatric hospital's partial hospitalization program for children aged 5-13. I have extended my interest to working with adolescents, and I am working with a local high school's football team and P.E. class as an intern, providing them sports/exercise psychological interventions. I truly miss my time at UBC, and especially being a part of the Child Study Labs team.

Dana graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master of Arts degree in School Psychology. She held a position in the Child Study lab throughout her studies at UBC, where she also earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology. During her time in the lab, she contributed to studies of thriving children in the transition to kindergarten, including investigations of agency and communion as aspects of thriving and in children's play. Her research contributions also included studies of teens' dating relationships, with a particular focus on the role of gender norms in adolescent boys' relationship navigation for her thesis study. Dana is currently working as a school psychologist and has particular interests in social-emotional learning, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and children and youth with complex developmental behavioural conditions.

I am currently a Master's student in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. My research examines the effects of maternal preconception experiences on offspring development, using rats as a model. Specifically, my current research is looking at chronic stress prior to conception, and my doctoral work will examine the effects of various drugs taken prior to conception, such as nicotine, alcohol, and THC. I worked with Dr. Cameron for nearly three years during my Undergraduate degree at the University of New Brunswick, where I collected data on two kindergarten children and one older adult with Anne Hunt as part of the Day in the Life project. My hobbies include knitting, baking, and watching TV/sports with my husband.

I am a second year Master of Occupational Therapy student at UBC. My involvement in this lab began in early 2013 while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Psychology, and I have had the privilege of collaborating with other members of this lab in a variety of projects here including the Verbal Deception, a Day in the Life, and the boys' and girls' adolescent relationships projects. I have a passion for working with children and have acquired 10 years of experience working with them as a swimming instructor, Sunday school teacher, summer camp counsellor, and behaviour interventionist. I am looking forward to working with children again in my 4th placement as an OT student in a physical rehabilitation center in the Caribbean.

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