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The Lab has delivered many successful presentations across the globe on research that includes, but is not limited to, verbal deception and truth telling in children and youth, examining the ecology of strong children, adolescents and older adults in relation to culture and context, and emergent literacy. For more information on the specific research the Lab conducts, please visit this page here.

Anne Hunt at a UNB alumnae homecoming event presenting a poster, summarizing the three strands of the Lab's research: the Day in the Life project, cross-cultural studies of moral development, and youth's perceptions of intimate relationships and teen stress reactivity.

Alessandra Ribeiro presenting the Day in the Life project in Brazil. The presentation was delivered in both English and Portuguese.

Alessandra Ribeiro presenting the Day in the Life (DITL) of Brazilian and Canadian Children in Transition to School.

Alessandra Ribeiro presenting the Lab's verbal deception and truth telling project in "To Lie or Not to Lie: It is Better to Protect a Best Friend than One's Own Country?"

Dr. Cameron (left) representing UBC with Julian Gillen (right) of Lancaster University presenting "'Lots of beavers, beavers!'' Deploying Visual Methods to Study Chronotopes Involved in a Canadian Kindergarten Child's Engagements with 'Symbols of Canada'". The presentation was a part of the 4th International Conference on Visual Methods at the University of Brighton (U. K.).

(From left to right) Ara Mascarenas, Kathy Nguyen, Claire Marie Shrestha, and Saman Fouladirad presenting their poster, "Cross-Cultural Differences in Adolescents' Choices and Judgments of Truth Telling and Verbal Deception Scenarios" (also authored by Alessandra Ribeiro) at UBC's Language Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference (LSURC).


The Lab appreciates the participation of many children, adolescents, and adults that have made testing hypotheses and collecting data enjoyable and worthwhile. Without these participants, we would not have been able to achieve the success we have.

A very happy child from one of the studies of children's telephone-mediated communications at UBC.


When not too busy, Dr. Cameron and her research assistants take the time to enjoy one another's company at potluck brunches. There is a lot of work involved in the Lab, but the research team is always ready to work hard, work together, and have fun.

Dr. Cameron and her research assistants enjoying a lovely brunch. (From left to right: Dr. Cameron, Esther Kim, Dana Dmytro, Taylor Flemming, Ksenia Jogova, Winni Chou, Audrey Kim and Jesse Lo.)

Another satisfying meal with the team at SRCD in Seattle, 2013. (From left to right: Dr. Cameron, Dana Dmytro, Neringa Kubiliene, Jesse Lo, Paul Leger.)

Alessandra Ribeiro (left) having a good time at a conference in Buzios, a city close to Rio. Joining her are Rodrigo (centre), a former Mitacs student whom she met whilst studying in Canada; and Debby (right), a new friend from South Africa whom they had just met and spent nearly the entirety of the conference together. Of the conference Ale says, "Well, this trip was great! And I also love this picture. I guess it shows how conferences are not just about watching lectures, but also making connections."




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