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The very active student researchers in our Child Study Labs are included in all aspects of the research process, from library searches, through research design and proposals to actual participant interface, data reduction, and analysis, and on to scholarly presentations and publications. Ethical considerations and comportment in the field, and participant rapport building are also part of necessary training. Students are also trained in careful data recording and in many cases, audio- and audio-visual records require time-consuming transcription before analyses can start. All students who make conceptual contributions and who are professionally directed are involved in reporting our findings to local scholarly communities.

My UBC Child Study Lab is a very busy place. At UNB, my group is relatively small now. Most honours students have gone on to graduate work at other universities. My UNB doctoral students are now either teaching in psychology departments, conducting research, or working in the child clinical field. Some of my students spend a year in the Lab beyond the BA (hons) program conducting research, which appears to have been beneficial to their (and our) research progress. A good deal of good work is expected of students, as they attest, but we also provide a collaborative, collegial environment in which students gain a wide range of skills in everything from language analysis to cortisol saliva sampling. Students are expected to engage in more than research in their area of primary interest, so they finish with broad theoretical and methodological bases as well as thoroughgoing appreciation of cognitive and emotional developmental processes from preschool to adolescence. Students' applied interests in everything from lying to physiological concomitants of anger have influenced the direction of research activities in the Lab, just as the Lab has affected the direction of their interests.

At UNB, Stacey McKay recently successfully completed doctoral studies. Recent honours undergraduate psychology students: Carlye Mae MacKenzie, Christina Li, Melissa Jenkins, Ryan Hoard, Dhanushka Nanayakkara, Paula Ruttle, and Rachael Flett. Paula Ruttle is pursuing doctoral studies at Concordia University. Bonnie Moshenko and Barbara Wigmore MacLeod have completed doctorates at the University of Calgary. Melanie Messer currently is at Hunter College (CUNY), and Kristy Miller and Tammy Caplin are pursuing related professional careers. Lezlie Gomes and Hilary Cartwright are completing doctorates at Lakehead University; and Cindy Shearer has completed her PhD at Penn State University. Jennifer O’Leary in Saint John, NB, continues to work with EuroCanadian children on our cross-cultural lying research.

At UBC: Cindy Lau is a graduate student in Education at UBC; Bryan Jiang and Trudi Chan are now working in China and Hong Kong respectively; Caroline Greaves is now in Clinical Psychology, SFU; Briana Hodge, now at Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington; Larissa Jackson is now a school psychologist, and Andrea Whelan Nardi, a teacher in Vancouver. Nicole Carter is in Linguistics at SFU; and Sarah Yager is taking premed courses at UBC. Kristin Kendrick, is doing doctoral studies in Social Work at UBC; Pam Narang, and Julia Sangha, are both doctoral students at Argosy University in Seattle.

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Jean Piaget Society Amsterdam

UBC Lab Meeting on Bowen

UNB Lab Alumnae at “retirement” party. M.E. Nealis photo.
Valued longstanding alumnae of our Labs include:

(L to R)
Judith Hutchison; Carolyn Goard, Clinical Director, Sheriff King YWCA, Calgary AB; Cindy Shearer, Kerri Ritchie, Kang Lee, faculty member, University of Toronto, ON, Joan Wright, of Joan Wright and Associates, Fredericton, NB; Hilary Cartwright, Anne Hunt; Mary Lou Davidson; and Tara Callaghan, faculty member, St. Francis Xavier University, NS.
(In front)
Lezlie Gomez, Kristy Miller and Mary Lou Stirling.


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