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Group Members

Group Photo March 2013: Grant Charlton, Nick Richard, Brad Scott, Samuel Hanson, Julien Martin, Fahad Alkhayri, Adam Dyker

Samuel Hanson (PhD student, joined group September 2010)
Organic reducing agents featuring ylidic substituents

Fahad Alkhayri (MSc student, joined group September 2010)
Organic electrode materials for rechargeable batteries

Julien Martin (MSc student, joined group May 2011)
Novel current collector materials for lithium ion batteries

Nicholas Richard (BSc Honours 2013)
Ylidic pi-donor substituented benzenes

Grant Charlton (BSc Honours/ Summer student 2013)
Ylidic pi-donor substituented pyridines as acylation catalysts

Bradd Scott (Lab Technician)
Organic reducing agents featuring ylidic substituents

Prospective Students

Students interested in graduate studies (MSc or PhD) are encouraged to email Adam Dyker.

Students in the Dyker group will gain experience in synthetic chemistry, including air-free techniques (gloveboxes, Schlenk techniques), and gain hands-on experience in characterizing compounds derived from their research. This will involve the use of multinuclear NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), infrared and Raman spectroscopy, as well as electrochemical analyses. With the supervisor, students will be actively involved in all aspects of the research, including defining project direction, designing and implementing synthetic strategies and disseminating results (co-authoring publications in top scientific journals, participation at conferences).