Get broadly based employee buy-in

Encourage involvement at all levels of the organization.
Identify where there are likely to be pockets of resistance.
Who are the reluctant, hard-to-reach, or outsider groups, and how will you invite them in?
How will you create a climate of safety?

   • Be clear about what you’re asking participants to do
   • Let them know how you plan to use their input.
   • Set some safety boundaries around confidentiality.
   • Be clear about how you will report back to them.
   • Set honest and realistic expectations.

Find out how they see the situation

   • Never assume that you know either the problem or its solution.
   • Explore the positive first.
   • Use active listening skills.

What do they seem the most eager to discuss?
What themes or ideas keep surfacing?
What isn’t being said?
What topics are being avoided?
What points of view are being held back?
Create safe, confidential reporting channels

Create safe, confidential reporting channels

Identify barriers to reporting
Consult broadly on how to make reporting safe
Communicate clearly any limitations placed on confidentiality

Create a workplace awareness campaign

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