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This Towards a Respectful Workplace web site is based on our research findings, and we are happy to share it with you. It is intended to encourage discussion about how to develop more respectful workplaces, and to identify some starting points and guiding principles. It offers a general framework, but will need to be adapted to specific circumstances.

It also identifies a range of disrespectful behaviours and their impact. There is still considerable debate in the field of workplace bullying research about the most appropriate words to use to describe these behaviours. There may be some overlap in the definitions that we’ve included.

After exploring this Toolkit, you may find it necessary to consult with health care professionals, legal professionals, or others to assist you with any problem that you may be encountering. This Toolkit is not intended to replace the advice or services that they can provide, and we would encourage you to seek the help that you need.

We hope that employees, supervisors, managers, unions, human resource professionals, counselors, and others will find these materials helpful. We welcome any suggestions you might have about how to make this toolkit more useful.

We wish to thank all of the people who so generously shared their expertise as key informants during these two studies. We also wish to acknowledge the funding support of the UNB Research Fund Series 39.

Funding for this project was received from Crime Prevention Partnership Program, National Strategy on Community Safety and Crime Prevention during 2006-2008.