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Ideas in Democracy

  •Learning Approach
  Consent of Governed / Right to Vote
•Voting and Elections
•Democratic Participation
•Civil Disobedience
•The Suffragettes
•Mahatma Gandhi
•Henry Thoreau
•Raoul Wallenberg
•Rebellion of 1873
•The Rainbow Warrior
•Domestic Issues and Privacy
•The Public Domain
•Legal Aspects of Privacy
  •Democracy and Diversity
•Canadian Values
•Hate Crimes
  •Due Process
•Teen Writer
•Images of Chile
•It's Your Right
  •Fundamental Freedoms
•Press Freedom
•Freedom of Speech
•Charles de Gaulle
•James Keegstra
•Freedom of Conscience
•Freedom of Peaceful Assembly
•The Loyalty Continuum

What Is Responsibility?

Reflections and Responsibilities
•Comparative Timeline
  •Le devoir

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