Legal Aspects of Privacy

Judicial remedies to invasions of privacy exist within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Since the concept privacy is so broad and complex, Provincial governments are beginning to consider following the lead of the province of Quebec in establishing its own Privacy Acts. Legislators in New Brunswick are working on Bill 23 - The Privacy Act because New Brunswickers have been requesting further protections and guidelines regarding intrusions into personal space. It may be that we seek this protection because of the enhanced technological capacities used to acquire information about us. But, in considering such an Act, legislators recognize that privacy issues appear in several realms. The House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Rights and the

Status of Persons With Disabilities assists us to understand the scope of privacy issues:

Privacy: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Everyone is entitled to expect and enjoy:

physical privacy;
privacy of personal information;
freedom from surveillance;
privacy of personal communications;
privacy of personal space.

Source:       NB Dept. of Justice,
A Commentary on the Privacy Act

Let's begin to explore some privacy scenarios.

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