Copyright and Acknowledgements
The Spirit of Democracy Project is made possible by the financial contribution of the Canadian International Development Agency as well as through the contributions made by the Faculty of Education at UNB and by partners at the Russian Association for Civic Education and "Uchitelskaya Gazeta". This work is also made possible with the dedication of teachers and students in Russia and Canada.

Our project and its web-site are made richer through the permission granted to us by various organizations and individuals to use or link to their materials as part of our educational resources. As an educational and not-for profit project, we are very appreciative of the permissions granted .

We are making every effort to obtain appropriate permissions to use materials where copyrighted materials could be involved and we welcome inquiries about such matters. We are currently in negotiation with several organizations and would anticipate that appropriate acknowledgements of these will appear on our web-site in the very near future.

At this time, we would like to specifically acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for granting us permission and for giving generously of their time:
  • Elections Canada and Jennifer Hubbard for permission to use "I Can Vote" materials and for translation of materials of our project to use with teachers in Russia.
  • The National Archives and Records Administration of the United States for permission to link to materials of "The Four Freedoms"
  • The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance in Sweden for permission to use their statistical data gathered on international voter turnout on our web-site.
  • The Narmada Organization in India for permission to use pictures on democratic participation.
  • Johathan McCormick and Martin Melaugh of The University of Ulster, Derry, Northern Ireland for permission to use Mr. McCormick's photographs of murals on our web-site.


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