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Welcome to the website of the Robotics and Mechanisms (RaM) laboratory at the University of New Brunswick. The group was established by Dr. Juan A. Carretero in 2002, and the lab found its current home in Head Hall room H-12A in 2004. It is there where most of the graduate students and co-op students within the group are located. The lab is also equipepd with some experimental and teaching facilities.

RaM is a dynamic group with the primary goal of studying and developing new and promissing ideas, mainly in the area of Robotics and Mechanism theory. Although that is the main thrust of the group, we have and currently are involved in other varied projects ranging from the simulation of physical systems to the use of optimization techniques in different engineering design problems.






The 2009 CCToMM Symposium on Mechanisms, Machines, and Mechatronics (2009 CCToMM M³ Symposium) will be held from Thursday May 28 to Friday May 29, 2009, at Université Laval, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. For more iformation click here.

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