The core function of Unisort is to sort MRI data acquired with "centric-scan" trajectories. This data is acquired in a spiral or radial pattern and must be sorted into a rectangular grid, according to tables known as "gradient tables" which tell the program where each value belongs in the grid. By importing new gradient tables, Unisort is able to adapt to new acquisition techniques and generate standard 1D 2D or 3D images from the scans. Many image files can be loaded and processed in Unisort 3.43. With this feature, the user can load many files of the same type with the same number of acquired points and process them as a batch. Unisort is also capable of concatenating loaded RIIMAGE files into a single RIIMAGE file. Unisort 6.2 fixed a discrepancy between minor and major points when data is being processed.

As of v6.4 Unisort is now programmed in MATLAB 2020a.

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