ACCISS is our primary data processing and visualization program. Originally a cluster of loosely connected programs written by a variety of summer students, graduate students, and postdocs, James Rioux pulled it into a cohesive package during his first work term in 2002. Since then it underwent a few more revisions at the hands of other co-op students, though it hasn't changed much in terms of appearance or functionality. is the main program of this package. .

ACCISS is mainly used for opening data coming in from the magnets and then Fourier Transforming them, so an image is created. This lets researchers look at the image in a qualitative manner - seeing if the experiment worked, if all the desired features are there etc.. It permits easy visualization of 3D datasets and creation of animations for slide presentations. ACCISS can load files with common formats. Images can be saved to TIFF or JPEG formats, and the data (either RAW or transformed) can be saved in either DAT (the default format) or Bruker format for later manipulation.

Over the course of 2019 and early 2020 it was rewritten again In MATLABA 2019a with a focus on usability and speed

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