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Ph.D. Dissertations

CAO, Hung Van Developing an Analytics Everywhere Framework for the Internet of Things (Issued as Technical Report 326)
FOROUGHI, Ismael Accuracy of the Classical Height System
(Issued as Technical Report 316)
MADUAKO, Ikechukwu Derek An Evolutionary Graph Framework for Analyzing Fast-Evolving Networks (Issued as Technical Report 322)
REZAEE, Mohammad Developing a Deep Learning Network Suitable for Automated Classification of Heterogenous Land Covers in High Spatial Resolution Imagery
(Issued as Technical Report 317)
RHO, Hyun Ho Precise Point Positioning With Wide Area Differential GPS Corrections (Issued as Technical Report 321)
ROSHAN, Aditya Application of Footstep Sound and Lab Color Space in Moving Object Detection and Image Quality Measurement using Opposite Color Pairs (Issued as Technical Report 320)
SHENG, Michael Improvements to Satellite Global Gravity Field Modelling (Issued as Technical Report 323)
MISHRA, Rakesh Kumar Solar Photovoltaic Panel and Roofing Material Detection Using WorldView-3 Imagery
(Issued as Technical Report 310)
DIN, Essam Helmy Mahfouz Sharaf El Surface Water Quality Assessment Using a Remote Sensing, GIS, and Mathematical Modelling Framework
(Issued as Technical Report 313)
TIENAAH, Titus Line Simplification Under Spatial Constraints
(Issued as Technical Report 314)
AHN, Yong-Won De-Correlation of Tropospheric Error and Height Component on GNSS Using Combined Zenith-Dependent Parameter
(Issued as Technical Report 306)
HIROJI, Anand Extracting Sonar Relative Beam Patterns for Multi-Sector Multibeam Sonar
(Issued as Technical Report 304)
MCGRATH, Heather Web-Based Flood Risk Assessment – Rapid, User-Friendly Tools Leveraging Open Data
(Issued as Technical Report 308)
SULIMAN, Alaeldin Building Detection in Off-Nadir Very High Resolution Satellite Images Based on Stereo 3D Information
(Issued as Technical Report 307)
AMOLINS, Krista Design of a Semi-Automated Lidar Point Classification Framework
(Issued as Technical Report 302)
PRATOMO, Danar Coupling of Repetitive Multibeam Surveys and Hydrodynamic Modelling to Understand Bedform Migration and Delta Evolution
(Issued as Technical Report 303)
ADHAM-KHIABANI, Sina Terrestial Implementation of UNB Super Camera and Improvements to UNB-Pansharp
JABARI, Shabnam 3D Change Detection Based on Stereo Information of Satellite Images
BANVILLE, Simon Improved Convergence for GNSS Precise Point Positioning
(Issued as Technical Report 294)
CHURCH, Ian Modelling the Estuarine Circulation of the Port of Saint John: Applications in Hydrographic Surveying
(Issued as Technical Report 293)
TANG, Hui Autonomous Mobile Robot Indoor Navigation Using Multi-Sensor Integration
(Issued as Technical Report 290)
ADDA, Patrick User-Side Modelling and Comparative Analysis of Airborne LiDAR Errors
(Issued as Technical Report 285)
SERRANO, Luis Carrier-Phase Multipath Mitigation In RTK-Based GNSS Dual-Antenna Systems
(Issued as Technical Report 287)
KINGDON, Robert Advances in Gravity Based Height Systems
(Issued as Technical Report 292)
MTAMAKAYA, James Assessment of Atmospheric Pressure Loading on the International GNSS REPRO1 Solutions Periodic Signatures
(Issued as Technical Report 282)
SALEHI, Bahram Urban Land Cover Classification and Moving Vehicle Extraction Using Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery
(Issued as Technical Report 281)
BEAUDOIN, Jonathan Estimation of Sounding Uncertainty from Measurements of Water Mass Variability
(Issued as Technical Report 271)
GAO, Sheng Advanced Health Information Sharing with Web-Based GIS
(Issued as Technical Report 272)
GODSOE, Douglas A Real-Time Software GNSS Receiver Development Framework
(Issued as Technical Report 273)
PAIXÃO, Silvane Design of a Conceptual Land Information Management Model for the Rural Cadastre in Brazil
(Issued as Technical Report 270)
GHODDOUSI-FARD, Reza Modelling Tropospheric Gradients and Parameters from NWP Models: Effects on GPS Estimates
(Issued as Technical Report 264)
LEANDRO, Rodrigo Precise Point Positioning with GPS: A New Approach for Positioning, Atmospheric Studies, and Signal Analysis
(Issued as Technical Report 267)
XIONG, Zhen Technical Development for Automatic Aerial Triangulation of High Resolution Satellite Imagery
(Issued as Technical Report 268)
BERAN, Tomas Single-Frequency, Single-receiver Terrestrial and Spaceborne Point Positioning
(Issued as Technical Report 257)
BOND, Jason Bringing GPS into Harsh Environments for Deformation Monitoring
(Issued as Technical Report 253)
HONG, Gang Image Fusion Image Registration and Radiometric Normalization for High Resolution Image Processing
(Issued as Technical Report 247)
KOOHZARE, Azadeh A Physically Meaningful Model of Vertical Crustal Movements in Canada Using Smooth Piecewise Algebraic Approximation: Constraints for Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Models
(Issued as Technical Report 246)
BERBER, Mustafa Robustness Analysis of Geodetic Networks
(Issued as Technical Report 242)
DUFFY, Garret Bedform Migration and Associated Sand Transport on a Banner Bank: Application of Repetitive Multibeam Surveying and Tidal Current Measurement to the Estimation of Sediment Transport
(Issued as Technical Report 237)
MAYUNGA, Selassie David Semi-Automatic Building Extraction in Informal Settlements from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
NG'ANG'A, Samson Macharia Extending Land Management Approaches to Coastal and Oceans Management: A Framework for Evaluation the Role of Tenure Information in Canadian Marine Protected Areas
(Issued as Technical Report 243)
NKWAE, Boipuso Conceptual Framework for Modeling and Analysing Peri-Urban Land Problems in Southern Africa
(Issued as Technical Report 235)
GIFF, Garfield Antonio Conceptual Funding Models for Spatial Data Infrastructure Implementation
RAKAI, Mele Estella A Neutral Framework for Modelling and Analysing Aboriginal Land Tenure Systems
(Issued as Technical Report 227)
SUTHERLAND, Michael David Marine Boundaries and Good Governance of Marine Spaces
(Issued as Technical Report 232)
BISNATH, Sunil B. Precise Orbit Determination of Low Earth Orbiters with a Single GPS Receiver-Based, Geometric Strategy
(Issued as Technical Report 220)
OMERBASHICH, Mensur Earth-Model Discrimination Method
PEGLER, Kevin Huntly A Marine Recreational Vessel Reconnaissance System Utilizing IKONOS Imagery
(Issued as Technical Report 226)
AMMOURI, Rima Land Gazette 2000: A Prototype Virtual Workplace for Enhanced Community Involvement in Public Decision Making
HUANG, Jian Liang Computational Methods for the Discrete Downward Continuation of the Earth Gravity and Effects of Lateral Topographical Mass Density Variation on Gravity and the Geoid
(Issued as Technical Report 216)
LI, Songnian Design and Development of an Internet Collaboration to Support GIS Data Production Management
(Issued as Technical Report 219)
ABDELRAHIM, Mohamed M. H. Remote Sensing and GIS Integration: Towards Intelligent Imagery Within a Spatial Data Infrastructure
(Issued as Technical Report 210)
DIJKSTRA, Semme Josua Software Tools Developed for Seafloor Classification
NOVAK, Pavel Evaluation of Gravity Data for the Stokes-Helmert Solution to the Geodetic Boundary-Value Problem
LI, Xiaopeng Photogrammetric Investigation into Low-Resolution Digital Cameras
(Issued as Technical Report 200)
MENDES, Virgilio de Brito Modelling the Neutral-Atmosphere Propagation Delay in Radiometric Space Techniques
(Issued as Technical Report 199)
GRODECKI, Jacek On Estimation of Variance-Covariance Components for Geodetic Observations and Implications on Deformation Trend Analysis
(Issued as Technical Report 186)
KOMJATHY, Attila Global Ionospheric Total Electron Content Mapping Using the Global Positioning System
(Issued as Technical Report 188)
NAJAFI-ALAMDARI, Mehdi Contributions Towards the Computation of a Precise Regional Geoid
TURKER, Mustafa Polygon Based Image Analysis Within an Integrated GIS/RS Environment
AGI, Benson Okpe An Investigation of Linear Orders for Multidimensional Range Search
GRENFELL, Ronald Ian A Predictive Model of Field Sales Activity for Sales Territory Design Using GIS
MTALO, Elifuraha Gerard Basil Towards an Extensible GIS/Remote Sensing Knowledge Representation Language
OKIA, Yafesi Determination of Datum Transformation Parameters from Terrestrial and Satellite Networks
XU, Benlin A New Navigation Algorithm
(Issued as Technical Report 182)
ZHOU, Fu-Qun Uncertainty Management for Object-Based Geographic Information Systems
DU, Ziqin Uncertainty Handling in Multibeam Bathymetric Mapping
MULAKU, Canny Glacano Concepts for PID Improvement
OGUNDARE, John Olusegun Richard Discrimination of Deformation Mechanisms Using Combined Geometrical and Deterministic Model Data
OPADEYI, Jacob Aderibigbe Segun The Analysis and Design of an Integrated Data-Driven Land Administration System
SANTOS, Marcelo Carvalho dos Real Time Orbit Improvement for GPS Satellites
(Issued as Technical Report 178)
VAJDA, Peter Lal Truncated Geoid and the Gravimetric Inverse Problem
EL-RABBANY, Ahmed El-Sayed The Effect Of Physical Correlations of the Ambiguity Resolution and Accuracy Estimation in GPS Differential Positioning
(Issued as Technical Report 170)
SECORD, James Michael Development of the Automatic Data Management and the Analysis of Integrated Deformation Measurements
(Issued as Technical Report 176)
ABIDIN, Hasanuddin Zainal Computational and Geometrical Aspects of "On-the-Fly" Ambiguity Resolution
(Issued as Technical Report 164)
NICHOLS, Susan Elizabeth Land Registration in an Information Environment
(Issued as Technical Report 168)
OLALEYE, James Bolarinwa An Investigation into the Optimum Software Architecture for an Analytical Photogrammetric Workstation and its Integration into a Spatial Information Environment
(Issued as Technical Report 162)
KUANG, Shan-long Optimization and Design of Deformation Monitoring Schemes
(Issued as Technical Report 157)
CHRISTOU, Nicholaos Theodoros On Space-Time Ocean Current Variability and its Effects on the Length-of-Day
(Issued as Technical Report 148)
OWOLABI, Karim Simultaneous Distributional and Model Robustness in Bundle Adjustment
SANTERRE, Rock Impact of GPS Satellite Sky Distribution
(Issued as Technical Report 145)
SHIH, Peter Tian-Yuan Critical Evaluation of Sterophotogrammetric Methodology
(Issued as Technical Report 141)
ARMENAKIS, Constadinos Displacement Monitoring by Integrating On-Line Photogrametric Observations with Dynamic Information
(Issued as Technical Report 133)
EZIGBALIKE, Innocent Francis Chukwudozie Land Information Systems Development: Software and Management Considerations
KAVOURAS, Marinos A Spatial Information System for the Geosciences
MERTIKAS, Stilianos Polichronis A Statistical Investigation into Reliable and Efficient Accuracy Measures in Positioning
PAGIATAKIS, Spiros Demitris Ocean Tide Loading on a Self-Gravitating, Compressible, Layered, Anisotropic, Viscoelastic and Rotating Earth with Solid Inner Core and Fluid Outer Core
(Issued as Technical Report 139)
LEE, Yuk-Cheung Conceptual Models for Geographic Information Systems
LUGOE, Furaha Ngeregere Rigorous Densification of Horizontal Geodetic Networks
(Issued as Technical Report 118)
ATILOLA, Olusola Aerotriangulation with Analogue Plotters
GIBSON, John Robert A Block Adjustment System Using External Navigation Data
STEEVES, Peter Austin Numerical Processing of Horizontal Control Data -- Economization by Automation
CHEN, Yong-Qi Analysis of Deformation Surveys -- A Generalized Method
(Issued as Technical Report 94)
SCHNEIDER, Dieter The Complex Strain Approximation in Space and Time Applied to the Kinematical Analysis of Relative Horizontal Crustal Movements
(Issued as Technical Report 91)
YAZDANI-MEHDIABADI, Rostam Potentials and Limitations of Satellite Data in Crop Identification
LUGNANI, Joao Bosco Using Digital Entities as Control
STEEVES, Robin Roy Estimation of Gravity Tilt Response to Atmospheric Phenomena at the Fredericton Tiltmetric Station Using a Least Squares Response Method
(Issued as Technical Report 79)
DELIKARAOGLOU, Demetrios An Investigation on the Short Wavelength Orbit Improvement and Sea Surface Computations From Local Satellite Tracking and Satellite Altimetry
(Issued as Technical Report 74)
BLAIS, Joseph Andre Rodrigue Least-Squares Block Adjustment of Stereoscopic Models and Error Analysis
EL-HAKIM, Sabry Farid Ahmed Potentials and Limitations of Photogrammetry for Urban Surveying
MONIWA, Hideya Analytical Photogrammetric System With Self-Calibration and its Applications
NASSAR, Mohamed M. Ahmed Gravity Field and Levelled Heights in Canada
(Issued as Technical Report 41)
GAGNON, Pierre Theoretical Investigation on Step by Step Procedures for the Adjustment of Large Horizontal Geodetic Networks
THOMSON, Donald Bruce A Study of the Combination of Terrestrial and Satellite Geodetic Networks
(Issued as Technical Report 30)
GEOL, Madan K. Automated Photogrammetric Procedures for Location and Design of Highways
MERRY, Charles Laurence Development and Evaluation of a Technique for Deflection Prediction and Astrogravimetric Geoid Determination
(Issued as Technical Report 31)
MOSTAFA, Kadri Hassan Contribution to Digital Simulation of Steroplotter Performance
WELLS, David Ernest Electromagnetic Metrology, Hilbert Optimization, and their Application to Doppler Satellite Control
(Issued as Technical Report 29)
WOOLNOUGH, David Frank The Feasibility of Photogrammetric Mapping From Space
MAAREK, Ahmed Mohamed Rigorous Least Squares Adjustment for Independent Model Triangulation
AHMED, Fouad Abd El-Kader New Laser Instruments and New Methods for Mine Orientation Surveys
DERENYI, Eugene Emery An Exploratory Investigation Concerning the Relative Orientation of Continuous Strip Imagery
FUBARA, Dagogo Micheal Jim Three-Dimensional Geodesy Applied to Terrestrial Geodetic Network