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M.Sc.E. Theses

ARFEEN, Khaleel Automated Processing of Arctic Crowd-Sourced Hydrographic Data While Improving Bathymetric Accuracy and Uncertainty Assessment (Issued as Technical Report 324)
BOWATER, David Exploring the Usability of the rHEALPix Discrete Global Grid System (Issued as Technical Report 318)
BREMNER, Michael Measurement-Based Geospatial Data Management
JIANG, Wen What3Words Geocoding Extensions and Applications for a University Campus
(Issued as Technical Report 315)
MAYAKI, Anthony Omeiza Evaluation of Precise Point Positioning Derived Zenith Total Delays from the Nigerian GNSS Reference Network (Issued as Technical Report 319)
PARISÉ, Alec An IoT Platform for Occupancy Prediction using Support Vector Machine (Issued as Technical Report 325)
RUIZ, Marta Padilla User-Centered Design for Web-Mapping Applications: A Case Study with Ocean Mapping Data for Ocean Modellers
(Issued as Technical Report 312)
TAMILMANI, Rajesh Semantically Enriched Modelling, Analysis, and Visualization of Simplified Linear Features and Trajectories
(Issued as Technical Report 311)
INFANTE, Eduardo Development and Assessment of Loosely-Coupled INS Using Smartphone Sensors
(Issued as Technical Report 305)
KOTSOLLARIS, Menelaos A Scalable Web Tiled Map Management System
(Issued as Technical Report 309)
ABOUHAMZEH, Amir Rasterizing Map Vector Data for 3D Visualization
SHODIMU, Oluwatimilehin Spatial Analysis of Land Cover Changes in the Grand Lake Meadows, New Brunswick
(Issued as Technical Report 301)
GARCIA, Carlos Development and Evaluation of PPP-Based Gaps Software for Time and Frequency Transfer
HUANG, Zhongwei Remote Sensing of Spruce Budworm Defoliation in Quebec, Canada Using EO-1 Hyperion Data
(Issued as Technical Report 299)
KLU, Michael Determination of a Geoid Model for Ghana Using the Stokes-Helmert Method
(Issued as Technical Report 298)
LEON, Jaime A Geospatial Web Application (GEOWAPP) for Supporting Course Laboratory Practices in Surveying Engineering
(Issued as Technical Report 300)
MUTHU, Sabarish Visualization, Statistical Analysis, and Mining of Historical Vessel Data
(Issued as Technical Report 296)
PEREIRA, Douglas Improving Shallow-Water Multibeam Target Detection at Low Grazing Angles
(Issued as Technical Report 297)
GUO, Ge Enhanced Gaussian Background Modeling Algorithm and Implementation in FPGA for Real-Time Moving Object Detection in Surveillance Video
(Issued as Technical Report 295)
MOUSAVI, Seyed Implementing Scalable Geoweb Applications Using Cloud and Internet Computing
(Issued as Technical Report 291)
MCADAM, Matthew Implementation and Validation of a UNB Vienna Mapping Functions Service
(Issued as Technical Report 284)
MCGRATH, Heather Historical Maps of Grand Lake Meadows
(Issued as Technical Report 289)
RAK, Andriy Legal Issues and Validation of Volunteered Geographic Information
(Issued as Technical Report 283)
SEPEHR, Samyar Development of a Geospatial Reference Framework - A Case Study for the UNB-GGE Survey Camp
(Issued as Technical Report 288)
WANG, Jianjun Unsupervised Detection of Opium Poppy Fields in Afghanistan from E0-1 Hyperion Data
(Issued as Technical Report 286)
CARVALHO, Rodrigo Proper Environmental Reduction for Attenuation in Multi-Sector Sonars
(Issued as Technical Report 279)
MARQUES, Carlos Automatic Mid-Water Target Detection Using Multibeam Water Column
(Issued as Technical Report 280)
TENG, Yun-ta Sector-Specific Beam Pattern Compensation for Multi-Sector and Multi-Swath Multibeam Sonars
Toodesh, Reenu The Oceanographic Circulation of the Port of Saint John Over Tidal and Seasonal Timescales
AHMAD, Amer An Improved Approach For Soil Moisture Estimation By Employing Illumination-Corrected Data in a Modified Ts-VI Method
(Issued as Technical Report 277)
DEY, Vivek A Supervised Approach for the Estimation of Parameters of Multiresolution Segmentation and its Application in Building Feature Extraction from VHR Imagery
(Issued as Technical Report 278)
TIENAAH, Titus Design and Implementation of a Costal Collaborative GIS to Support Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Adaptation Strategies
(Issued as Technical Report 276)
URQUHART, Landon Assessment of Tropospheric Slant Factor Models: Comparison with Three Dimensional Ray-Tracing and Impact on Geodetic Positioning
(Issued as Technical Report 275)
BAZANOWSKI, Maciej Integrated Analysis of Long Term Behaviour of Man-made Structures and Rock Mass in Mining Areas
MORERI, Kealeboga Meeting User Requirements in an SDI Environment: New Brunswick Case Study
NKHWANANA, Nyaladzani Assessing the Credibility of VGI Contributors and Trust in their Contributions
SABONE, Botshelo Assessing Alternative Technologies for Use of Volunteered Geographic Information in Authoritative Databases
van der WERF, Auke Mast Tracking Capability of EM3002D Using Water Column Imaging
(Issued as Technical Report 274)
CHURCH, Ian Developing a Nested Finite-Element Hydrodynamic Model to Predict Phase and Amplitude Modification of the Tide within Narrow Fjords
(Issued as Technical Report 260)
GOULDEN, Tristan Prediction of Error Due to Terrain Slope in LIDAR Observations
(Issued as Technical Report 265)
MORERI, Kealeboga Meeting User Requirements in an SDI Environment: New Brunswick Case Study
MTAMAKAYA, James Establishment and Maintenance of a New Real Time Geospatial Frame – TZRF10 for Tanzania
(Issued as Technical Report 266)
NIEVINSKI, Felipe Ray-Tracing Options to Mitigate the Neutral Atmosphere Delay in GPS
(Issued as Technical Report 262)
NKHWANANA, Nyaladzani Assessing the Credibility of VGI Contributors and Trust in their Contributions
SABONE, Botshelo Assessing Alternative Technologies for Use of Volunteered Geographic Information in Authoritative Databases
AMOLINS, Krista Mapping of GDOP Estimates Through the Use of Lidar Data
(Issued as Technical Report 259)
CHAN, Richard Incororating the Concept of “Community” into a Spatially-weighted Local Regression Analysis
(Issued as Technical Report 256)
GAIRNS, Christopher Development of a Semi-Automated System for Structural Deformation Monitoring Using a Reflectorless Total Station
(Issued as Technical Report 255)
KUUS, Pim Bottom Tracking Issues and Recognition Thereof Using SHOALS3000 Green Laser Beam in Dense Fields of Zostera Marina and Laminaria sp.
(Issued as Technical Report 258)
WUEST, Ben Towards Improving Segmentation of Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery
(Issued as Technical Report 261)
DELPECHE, Nicole Observations of Advection and Turbulent Interfacial Mixing in the Saint John River Estuary, NB Canada
(Issued as Technical Report 245)
KOMJATHY, Katalin A Systems Engineering Approach to Designing an Ocean and Coastal Information Management Strategy
(Issued as Technical Report 252)
OLIVEIRA Jr., Aluizio Maciel de Maximizing the Coverage and Utility of Multibeam Backscatter for Seafloor Classification
(Issued as Technical Report 248)
VASQUEZ, Miguel Tuning the CARIS Implementation of CUBE for Patagonian Waters
(Issued as Technical Report 251)
ZHAO, Jianfeng An Empirical Usability Evaluation of a Web-based Public Participation Geographic Information System and Discussion Forum
(Issued as Technical Report 250)
DIAS, George Integrating Canadian Ice Information Into Electronic Navigational Charts
(Issued as Technical Report 236)
HUTCHISON, Meredith Anne Towards Consensus Building within Canada's Aquaculture Industry: Design of a Framework for Addressing Conflict, Information Management and Public Consultation
(Issued as Technical Report 234)
SHARMA, Ojaswa A Methodology for Raster to Vector Conversion of Colour Scanned Maps
(Issued as Technical Report 240)
TANG, Man Yee (Teresa) Design and Implementation of a GIS-Enabled Online Discussion Forum for Participatory Planning
(Issued as Technical Report 244)
YI, Xiaolun Multiple Representation Data Capture
COCKBURN, Sara Patricia Marine Cadastres and the Law: Using Modern Developments in Marine Boundary Law to Construct a Legal Framework for Offshore and Coastal Spaces
(Issued as Technical Report 228)
COVE, Karen Maureen Improvements in GPS Tropospheric Delay Estimation with Numerical Weather Prediction
(Issued as Technical Report 230)
MAXWELL, Travis Linden Object-oriented Classification: Classification of Pan-sharpened QuickBird Imagery and a Fuzzy Approach to Improving Image Segmentation Efficiency
(Issued as Technical Report 233)
RAFIQ, Mazhar Study of Ocean Tidal Loading Displacements in Eastern Canada using GPS
YANG, Huaining Early Results Towards the Canadian Geoid in the Three-space Scenario
(Issued as Technical Report 229)
BOND, Donald Jason An Investigation on the Use of GPS for Deformation Monitoring in Open Pit Mines
(Issued as Technical Report 222)
FLEMMING, John Neville Design of a Semi-Automatic Algorithm for Shoreline Extraction Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images
(Issued as Technical Report 231)
SHEN, Chunlin A Method for Processing Data from a Regional Continuous Crustal Deformation GPS Monitoring Network
(Issued as Technical Report 221)
WANG, Ruisheng Automated Road Extraction from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
WERT, Travis Daryl Tidal Height Retrieval Using Globally Corrected GPS in the Amundsen Gulf Region of the Canadian Arctic
XIE, Pingping A Web-based 3D Visualization Prototype System for High-Resolution Satellite Colour Stereo Images
(Issued as Technical Report 223)
LUTES, James Anthony Automated Dam Displacement Monitoring Using a Robotic Total Station
(Issued as Technical Report 214)
MONAHAN, David Claiming a Juridical Continental Shelf Under Article 76 of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
(Issued as Technical Report 217)
NICKERSON, Graham Morphometry of Crooked Creek and Decaturville Impact Structures Using 3D Visualization
RAWLINSON, Stephen Design and Implementation of a Spatially Enabled Panoramic Virtual Reality Prototype
(Issued as Technical Report 215)
SILVA, Enrique Jorge Design of an Online Geographic Information Distribution System for the Chilean Coastal Zone Using the Spatial Fusion Software
van de POLL, Robert Willem Wouter Design and Development of a Computer-Based Desktop Study to Delimit Namibia's Continental Shelf Under UNCLOS Article 76 Using Public Domain Data in CARIS LOTS
BASTIN, Geoffrey A Deformation Monitoring System for a Hydroelectric Generating Station
WONG, Jeff Chak Fu On Picard Criterion and the Well-Posed Nature of Harmonic Downward Continuation
(Issued as Technical Report 213)
RU,Yi Web-Based GIS for Coastal Zone Management in New Brunswick
COLLINS, John Paul Assessment and Development of a Tropospheric Delay Model for Aircraft Users of the Global Positioning Systems
(Issued as Technical Report 203)
DOBBIN, James Stuart Regulation of the Land Surveying Profession in Canada
FRASER, David Wilson Compiling and Analyzing a Multi-Source Database in a GIS Using a Data Lineage Recording and an Image-Based Query System
BARTLETT, Edward Earnest In Search of Chaotic Elements in the Bay of Fundy Water Level Measurements
(Issued as Technical Report 197)
CHEN, Xin Continuous GPS Monitoring of Crustal Deformation with the Western Canada Deformation Array: 1992-1995
(Issued as Technical Report 195)
DUXBURY, Neil Object-Oriented Inter-Schema Translations Using SAIF
HANLEY, John Finbarr An Analysis of the Generation of Differential Corrections for Local DGPS Systems
HEROUX, Pierre Publications Related to the Global Positioning System Active Control Systems
PARSONS, Stephen A Spatial Approach to the Management of Tidal Datums: A Case Example of the Inner Bay of Fundy
STEWART, Peter John The Reduction of Differential Ionospheric Delay for GPS Carrier Phase Ambiguity Resolution
(Issued as Technical Report 185)
TOUT, Adrian GIS Diffusion: An Insurance Industry Case Study
ZHANG, Guang Yu Acceleration Determination for Airborne Gravimetry with the Use of Kinematic Global Positioning System
COWAN, Lynne E. Surface Roughness Measurement of an Inter-Tidal Zone Using Close Range Non-Metric Photogrammetry
PETERS, Lawrence P. Application Review and Design Considerations for an Interactive Graphical Editor and Data Base System Applicable to Hydrogeological and Environmental Problems
SUTHERLAND, Michael D. A Re-engineering Framework for Land Information Management in Jamaica
(Issued as Technical Report 175)
van der WAL, Anthony David Evaluation of Strategies for Estimating Residual Neutral-Atmosphere Propagation Delay in High Precision Global Positioning System Data Analysis
(Issued as Technical Report 177)
WALFORD, Justin GPS Subsidence Study of the Costa Bolivar Oil Fields, Venezuela
(Issued as Technical Report 174)
WOJNAROWSKA, Marta Design of a System for Handling Collocation Within the CARIS Geographic Information System
ADAMOS, Christos DTM Generation of the Ocean Tidal Terrain Using Photogrammetric Techniques
BLUE, Malcolm Cameron A Data Browsing System for the Saskatchewan Land Information Network
DODD, David William Accuracy of the UNB Real Time Differential GPS
LI, Pinjian Determination of Earth Rotation Parameters and Adjustment of a Global Geodetic Network Using the Global Positioning System
(Issued as Technical Report 171)
STEFANAKIS, Emmanuel A New Approach to Range Searching Based on the Point Representation of Spatial Objects
CHEN, Ying Development of Pseudo-Stereo Method for Digital Map Revision
GILLIS, Darlene Rose A Database Model to Facilitate the Archiving of GPS Information
ISDALE, Martin An Object-Oriented Modelling Framework for Geographic Information
MOORE, Raymond Andrew The Land Surveyor in a Distributed Information Environment
(Issued as Technical Report 169)
ONG, Peng Siah Robustness Analysis for Geodetic Networks
WEBSTER, Iain Robert A Regional Model for the Prediction of Ionospheric Delay for Single Frequency Users of the Global Positioning System
(Issued as Technical Report 166)
ANDERSON, Ralph Ian Access and Privacy of Distributed Land Related Information
(Issued as Technical Report 161)
HOU, Tianhang Sequential Tidal Analysis and Prediction
HELLWICH, Olaf Heinrich Artur Graph-Based Edge Matching in Stereo Vision
NEWBY, Simon Peter An Assessment of Empirical Models for the Prediction of the Transionospheric Propagation Delay of Radio Signals
(Issued as Technical Report 160)
SUN, Weiping The Method of Robust Least Squares and Its Applications
YANG, Wei-Ping A New Range Searching Algorithm for Large Point Databases
BARKER, Timothy David Guy A Plan for Coastal Zone Integrated Resource Management in a Developing South West Pacific Island Country
(Issued as Technical Report 151)
CHEN, Ding-Sheng Long Arc Approach to GPS Satellite Orbit Improvement
(Issued as Technical Report 154)
CHIN, Fee Ling An Iconic Spatial Query System
DICK, Roger James A Methodology for the Maintenance of a Surveying and Mapping Database
MASON, Michael William Automation of Chart Compilation from Hydrographic Depth Information
MTALO, Elifuraha Gerard Basil SLEMS: A Knowledge Based Approach to Soil Loss Estimation and Modelling
OGUNDARE, John Olusegun Richard Implementation of UNB Generalized Method for the Integrated Analysis of Deformations: A Case Study
ROBINSON, Gregory Leonard Verification of Gravimetric Geoidal Models by a Combination of GPS and Orthometric Heights
(Issued as Technical Report 152)
RHODE, Mark William Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Deformation Surveys of a Rockfill Dam
RAPATZ, Phillip John Vessel Heave Determination Using the Global Positioning System
(Issued as Technical Report 155)
STEUDLER, Daniel Victor Marcus Spatial Information Requirements of the St. Croix International Waterway Commission
TSEN, Arthur Determination of Geoidal Height Difference Using Ring Integration Method
(Issued as Technical Report 158)
DUGUID, Peter Fraser Interactive Line Extraction From Raster Imagery
FORD, Ivan Earl Infrastructure Requirements for Marine Information Management
(Issued as Technical Report 150)
JANDRIC-SARE, Miljenko Design and Development of Industrial Stereophotogrammetric System
LODIN, Michael Multi-Source Digital Spatial Data Integration
PEYTON, Derrick Ross Acceleration Determination for Airborne Gravimetry Using GPS
(Issued as Technical Report 149)
REEDIJK, Wilfred Hans Charles Raster Data Handling Capabilities for Geographic Applications
STREICKER, John David Glaciation Excited Polar Wander
TAN, Xin J2000.0 Modelling of GEOAIM in the Analysis of VLBI Data from the NASA Crustal Dynamics Project
WILKINS, Fred John The Integration of a Coordinating System with Conventional Metrology
ABIDIN, Hasanuddin Zainal Real-Time Marine Differential Kinematic GPS
GARMULEWICZ, Jan Antoni Monitoring Seafloor Subsidence: Role of GPS
LEAL BRICENO, Julio Amado Integration of GPS and Levelling for Subsidence Studies
(Issued as Technical Report 144)
MACKENZIE, Ross Finlay Assessing User Requirements for Municipal G.I.M.S.
MUSGRAVE, Timothy Moncrieff Implementation of a Digital Database for Geological Exploration
PARROT, Denis Short-Arc Orbit Improvement for GPS Satellites
(Issued as Technical Report 143)
PEARSON, Michael Miles Spatial Analysis Using the Medial Axis Function
VASSILIADOU-CHRISTOU, Vassiliki GPS Series Single Difference Observations
ARMSTRONG, David Hugh Digital Topographic Data Structure Enhancement and Road Network Simplification
COLEMAN, David John Implementing a Land Information Network in New Brunswick
LAROCHE, Sylvie A Unit Cost Analysis for Planimetric/Topographic Mapping
PAPANIKOLAOU, Konstantinos A System for the Matching of Digtal Images and Terrain Models
SALEH, Raad Abd Al-Karim The Effects of Resampling on Digital Imagery
UHLENBRUCK, Heinrich Matthias The Application of Expert Systems Technology for Data Analysis with a Geographical Information Systems
(Issued as Technical Report 138)
ZHANG, Changyou Reducing Disagreement Between Stoke's and Truncation Integratation
HICKS, Bruce William The Design and Implementation of a Multipurpose Land Information Network for the Province of Manitoba
KHARAGHANI, Gholam Ali Propagation of Refraction Errors in Trigonometric Height Traversing and Geodetic Levelling
(Issued as Technical Report 132)
KROLIKOWSKI, Marek The Utilization of Computer Graphics in Close-Range Photogrammetry
REELER, Edmund C. The Manipulation of Linear Octrees in a Three-Dimensional Digital Mapping System
SMART, John Robert Three-Dimensional Modelling of Irregular Natural Objects
HOURDAKIS, Pantelis Design and Implementation of an Inshore Hydrographic Surveying System
(Issued as Technical Report 120)
HUNG, Pen-Shan Evaluation of the Plumb Line Curvature Effect on the Deflections of the Vertical
(Issued as Technical Report 121)
JANES, Harold William On the Modelling of Tropospheric Effects in Ultra-High Frequency Radio Positioning
(Issued as Technical Report 119)
KORNACKI, Wlodzimierz Julian Computerization of Motorized Trigonometric Height Traversing of High Precision
SHI, Zhengdong Application of an Integrated Method in Deformation Analysis
TSAMOURAS, Efstratios The Property Assessment and Taxation System and its Role in the Land Information Network
VOON, Austin Joseph Puk Nee Differential Distortions in Photogrammetric Bundle Block Adjustment
(Issued as Technical Report 123)
GREENING, William James Trevor Evaluation of Precision Trigonometric Levelling Methods
OLIVER, Vernon Gary Digital Cadastral Mapping: Design and Development Considerations
SECORD, James Michael Implementation of a Generalized Method for Analysis of Deformation Surveys
(Issued as Technical Report 117)
STANTON, Stephen Shaw The Utility of Chain Coding in a Digital Mapping Environment
CARRERA, Galo Hurtado Heights on a Deforming Earth
(Issued as Technical Report 107)
PALMER, David William A Land Information Network for New Brunswick
(Issued as Technical Report 111)
STUART, Alistair James Geometric Aspects of Satellite Stereo Imaging Radar
TOBIN, Peter Examination of Deformation Measurements Using Invariant Functions of Displacements
ABOH, Christopher Emenike Evaluation of Tidal Water Level Transfer Techniques for Land Surveying
ARMENAKIS, Constadinos Subsidence Determination by Aerial Photogrammetry
(Issued as Technical Report 93)
CHRISTOU, Nikolaos Theodoros Evaluation of Mathematical Models for Gyrocompass Behaviour: Error Modelling and Applications
(Issued as Technical Report 100)
MBEGHA, Ayub Rashid A Comparison of Methods of Crustal Strain Computations from Repeated Geodetic Measurements in an Active Fault Zone
MERTIKAS, Stilianos Polichronis Differential Global Positioning System Navigation: A Geometrical Analysis
(Issued as Technical Report 95)
PAGIATAKIS, Spiros Demitris Ocean Tide Loading, Body Tide and Polar Motion Effects on Very Long Baseline Interferometry
(Issued as Technical Report 92)
PEPIN, Michel Joseph The Digital Mapper Analytical Plotter
QUEK, See Hean Spline Smoothing of Two-Dimensional Data Series with Precision Estimation Applied to Satellite Navigation
(Issued as Technical Report 101)
SALAWU, Ademola Rasak Cadastral Mapping Standards: Development Considerations
KAVOURAS, Marinos On the Detection of Outliers and the Determination of Reliability in Geodetic Networks
(Issued as Technical Report 87)
LUNAR GONZALEZ, Manuel Marcelino Planning and Cost of Photogrammetric Projects
MOHAMMED-KARIM, Mahood Diagrammatic Approach to Solve Least-Squares Adjustment and Collocation Problems
(Issued as Technical Report 83)
NAJAFI-ALAMDARI, Mehdi Local Evaluation of the Geoid from Gravity Data
ORDONEZ-PINZON, German An Evaluation of the Nature and Potential Role of the Colombian Cadastral System
PICHE, Bernard Design and Development of a Lower Order Analytical Plotter
VOST, David George A Method of Absolute Orientation Using Digital Entities as Control
DAVIDSON, Derek Alexander A Least Squares Adjustment for Long Baseline Interferometry
(Issued as Technical Report 71)
FASASI, Musibau Geometric and Cartographic Accuracy of MSS and RBV Images
KASSIM, Fuad Adekunle An Evaluation of Three Techniques for the Prediction of Gravity Anomalies in Canada
(Issued as Technical Report 73)
NJOKU, Marcellinus Obioma Close Range Photogrammetry in the Paper Mill Industry
ODERINLO, Christopher Olutayo A More Economical and Efficient Approach to Analytical Aerial Triangulation with Self Calibration
SZABO, Lazlo Planimetric Transformation of Airborne SAR Imagery
THAPA, Khangendra Strain as a Diagnostic Tool to Identify Inconsistent Observations and Constraints in Horizontal Geodetic Networks
ZWART, Pieter Roelof A Re-Evaluation of the Concept of Integrated Survey Systems
ADAMS, John Richard Callaghan Local Level Inertial Survey System
AJAYI, Joseph Dayo The Feasibility of Using Position Referenced Digital Datafiles in Managing Forest Stand Information
NICKERSON, Bradford George Horizontal Network Design Using Interactive Computer Graphics
(Issued as Technical Report 60)
OKENWA, Elochukwu Gilbert Analytical Construction and Use of Cotidal Charts for Automated Tidal Reductions
OLANIYAN, Enoch Ayoyemi Sequential Updating of Horizontal Geodetic Networks
TESKEY, William Francis Geodetic Aspects of Engineering Surveys Requiring High Accuracy
(Issued as Technical Report 65)
CARNEY, David Thomas Investigations into an Epipolar Correlation System with On-Line Closed Circuit Television
MCLAREN, Robin Alexander A Digital System for Map Revision
NESBO, Inge J. Comparison of Mathematical Models for Doppler Satellite Positioning
BALOGUN, Andrew Aderinola Parameterisation of Systematic Errors in Terrestrial Geodetic Networks
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles Alister Murray Mathematical Models and Documented Software for the Solution of Horizontal Geodetic Networks
MACRITCHIE, Stuart Cameron Object Space Control and the Direct Linear Transformation Model
SOSA TORRES, Rafael Geoid Determination From Heterogeneous Data
EL-HAKIM, Sabry Farid The Utilization of Auxiliary Vertical Control in Aerotriangulation with Pat-M
GRANT, Stephen Thomas Integration of Passive Ranging Loran-C, Satellite Navigation, Ship's Log, and Ship's Gyrocompass
JOHN, Saburi Geoid Determination for Eastern Canada from Astrogeodetic Deflections of the Vertical, Gravity Anomalies and Doppler Satellite Observations
MUTAJWAA, Alphonce Iwegasira Mugeza The Geoid and Horizontal Geodetic Networks
CANELLOPOULOS, Nicholas Theoretical Considerations on the Use of Advanced Methods for Adjustment and Error Analysis of Densification Networks
TSIVOS, Vassilios Online Orientation Procedures and Instrument Testing in Photogrammetry
WALKER, Alexander Stewart Development of a System for Stereomodel Heightening Based on Epipolar Scanning
MATHEW, Thomas Mringie Investigation of the Influence of Vertical Control Distribution on the Deformation of Independent Model Blocks
NDYETABULA, Simon Iwamugila Peter A Study on the Curvature of the Lines of Force of Gravity
STEEVES, Peter Austin Least Squares Adjustment of Horizontal Control on a Mapping Plane
YANNIRIS, Yannis Improvements to the Off-Line Epipolar Correlation
ADEKOYA, Olayinka Lasebikan Application of Two-Media Photogrammetry in Coastal Mapping
ADEKOYA, Olugbenga Evaluation of Precision Alignment Methods
CHRISTODOULIDIS, Demosthenes Determination of Vertical Crustal Movements from Scattered Relevellings
ALI, Mahmoud El-Nikrashe Osman Evaluation of the New Techniques in Alignment Surveys with Laser
EGBERONGBE, Abilribola Evaluation of the He-Ne Laser for Use in Alignment Surveys
JANSSEN, Hans-Dirk Use of Laser in Geodetic Levelling
MONIWA, Hideya Analytical Camera Calibration for Close-Range Photogrammetry
NASSAR, Mohamed M. Least Squares Adjustment of Doppler Satellite Observations
SHAMSUDDIN, Khaja Best Fitting Ellipsoid for Canada
UMORU, Abudu Computer Programs for First-Order Astronomic Position Determination
CHALY, Cnerian Korah Automatic Contouring of Digital Terrain Models
FADAHUNSI, Olagke A Comparative Study of a Simultaneous Adjustment of the New Brunswick Geodetic Networks
FILA, Karel The Use of Laser in Levelling
MENSAH, Jonathan Nee Odenkey Simultaneous Adjustment of Terrestrial and Satellite Networks in Eastern Canada
McLAUGHLIN, John Douglas The Design, Development and Implementation of a Property Mapping Programme for N.B.
CARLIN, Cyril Blair A Comparative Analysis of Analytical Aerotriangulation Performed by Multiple Station and Strip Adjustment Procedures
HUNT, James Newman Optimization Procedures Applied to Planning Surveying Projects
KOUBA, Jan Generalized Sequential Least Squares Expressions and MATLAN Programming
MOSTAFA, Kadri Hassan The Stability of the Perspective Centre in Stereo Plotter Instruments
OKUWA, Babatunde Oluyinka Aerotriangulation with Super-Wide Angle Photography
THOMSON, Donald Bruce Evaluation of the Adjustment of the Geodetic Control Net in New Brunswick
WONG, Charles Chi-Kin Faster Analogue Model Orientation Using Digital Desk Calculators
WOOLNOUGH, David Frank Preliminary Investigations into the Automatic Recognition of Muskeg from Aerial Photographs
ADELEYE, Peter Adeyinka Olayinka The Cadastral System: Its Description, Critical Analysis, and Evaluation and Suggestions on Lines of Necessary and Possible Improvements
HENDERSON, James Paul Three Dimensional Adjustments of Geodetic Triangulation
HEPBURN, Robert Analytical Treatment of Convergent Photography
KALENSKY, Zdenek Quantitative Soil Moisture Interpretation from 35 mm Color Aerial Photographs
SCHWARTZ, William Merritt Plane Co-Ordinate Survey Calculations on the IBM 1620 Colmputer
SCHWARZ, Klaus-Peter On the Accuracy of Orientation Procedures in Analytical Photogrammetry
BACON, Clifford John Deflections of the Vertical from Mountain Net Adjustment
PARENT, Robert Comparative Strip Aerotriangulation Tests of the Wild Autograph A-7 and the NRC Monocomparator
EMENIKE, Emmanuel Ndubisi Analysis of Stereotemplet Triangulation Error
FAIG, Wolfgang Photogrametry Applied to Arctic Glacier Surveys
DERENYI, Eugene Emery Deflections of the Vertical in Central New Brunswick