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M.Eng. Reports

KOWALYK, Edward Coordinate Reference Specifications Used by the Canadian Provinces
SILVA, Rui Pinto da Procedures for Assessing Quality of External Bathymetric Data
HIBBERT, Stephen Mapping and Documenting the First Nations Traditional Activities in Grand Lake Meadows
MILLAN, Andres Sailing Directions in Digital Format: An Opportunity for Enriched Media and Information Content
(Issued as Technical Report 254)
NNANI, Okwuchi Comparison Between Multi- and Single Baseline Kinematic Solutions in a Marine Environment
ALMEIDA, Ricardo Measuring Tides Using Real Time Kinematics
WEBB, Kevin Jonathan Remote Predictive Mapping for Marine Inner-Shelf Geologic Mapping
WHITE, Richardo An Analysis of Ocean Observation Systems in Eastern Canada
DESCHENES, Joseph Armand Carl The Potential of Polarimetric Radar Data in the Coarse Classification of Semi-Urban Landcovers
LLEWELLYN, Kristian Charles Corrections for Beam Pattern Residuals in Backscatter Imagery from the Kongsberg-Simrad EM300 Multibeam Echosounder
BRADFORD, James Russell TOWCAM System Sensor-aided Oblique-angled Video Mosaics
BYRNE, Edward Patrick An Investigation into the use of Surficial Sediments as Criteria for the Delimitation of a Coastal Marine Protected Area
NEILD, Robert Paul Analyzing the use of GPS in the Department of National Defence for Infrastructure
AL HUBAIL, Saleh Saad Framework Data Modeling for the Proposed National Spatial Data Infrastructure of United Arab Emerites.
(Issued as Technical Report 224)
AL-SHAHRI, Mohammed Ali Dealing with Multipath in the Context of the Princess of Acadia
MANTEIGAS, Leonel Pereira Evaluation of the CARIS Hydrographic Production Database in the Production of Paper Charts, ENC, and AML.
(Issued as Technical Report 225)
CARTWRIGHT, Douglas Stuart Multibeam Bathymetric Surveys in the Fraser River Delta, Managing Severe Acoustic Refraction Issues
CHENG, Frederick Sekkin An Evaluation of the Cost of Parcel-Based Land Information in the Province of New Brunswick
FISH, Robert Wayne Suitability of Georeferenced Civic Address Databases for Use with Geographical Public Alerting Systems in the Maritime Provinces
ROSCOE, Britt Leroy Geographic Information Systems: A Community Planning Tool for Wastewater Management Districts
BURBRIDGE, Stephen Dean Monitoring Urban Land Cover Change Using Medium and High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
GHAFAN, Ali Ahmed A Comparitive Evaluation of E-Government Approaches in New Brunswick and Dubai
RANCOURT, Marc Wilfrid Development of an IKONOS Coverage Prediction Application
HOGAN, Michael Advanced Mission Planning Tool for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS Surveying.
(Issued as Technical Report 211)
HOLMLUND, Erik Scott A Landscape of Moving Boundaries: Toward a Land Tenure Information Management Strategy for the Republic of Chad
MILNE, Deane Guidelines for Using the Global Positioning System for Precision Agriculture
DE CAMPOS, Aldino Manuel Santos Hydrographic Data Warehous - An Added Value to Hydrographic Data
WIDMER, Thomas Automation in Building Extraction and Quality Control of Spatial Object Data.
DIAZ, Jose Vicente Martinez Analysis of Multibeam Sonar Data for the Characterization of Seafloor Habitats
BOETTCHER, Robert Lawrence Collaborative GIS in a Distributed Work Environment
CLARKE, James Allan A Proposed Submarine Electronic Chart Display and Information System
(Issued as Technical Report 202)
NEIDHART, Frank Triangular Irregular Networks for Automatic DTM-Generation in Softcopy Photogrammetry
PEGLER, Kevin An Examination of Alternative Compensation Methods for the Removal of Ridging Effect from Digital Terrain Model Data Files
FITZGERALD, Kelly Lee A Comparison of GIS-Based Applications to Remotely Access Military Geospatial Information
MCCULLOUGH, Frank Noble A Categorization of the Acts of New Brunswick for Use in Parcel Management
RAYMOND, David Harold The Atlantic Neptune Online: Electronic Access to Historical Maps for Researchers and Collectors
TATASCIORE, Rosa Maria Design and Evaluation of a Public Environmental Registry in New Brunswick
ARTILHEIRO, Fernando Manuel Freitas Analysis and Procedures of Multibeam Data Cleaning for Bathymetric Charting
(Issued as Technical Report 192)
BRISSETTE, Michel The Application of Multibeam Sonars in Route Survey
CHOW, Albert A Review of an Object-Oriented Thematic Data Selection System
FINLEY, David B. Collaborative GIS in a Distributed Work Environment
GODIN, André The Calibration of Shallow Water Multibeam Echo-Sounding Systems
(Issued as Technical Report 190)
MARREIROS, Joao Paulo Ramalho Performance Analysis of GPS Attitude Determination in a Hydrographic Survey Launch
(Issued as Technical Report 191)
PAIS, Luis Miguel Varela A Case Study of the Production of an S-57 ENC with CARIS Tools
(Issued as Technical Report 194)
PHELAN, Richard OTF DGPS for Estuarine Dredging and Sounding Surveys
(Issued as Technical Report 193)
SIMARD, Pierre Gerald Accuracy of Digital Orthophotos
SINGLETON, Brian Horizontal and Vertical Displacement Monitoring Above the PCS Salt and Potash Mine Near Sussex, New Brunswick
TSOLAKIS, Kyriakos Antony Valuation and Administration of Lands Containing Antiquities in Cyprus
ALAMRI, Fahad Sound Speed Variations in the Arabian Gulf, and their Effect on Multibeam Echo Sounding
(Issued as Technical Report 189)
AL ZAFFIN, Mohammed Abdulla S. LIS Requirements for Dubain Municipality
DAWE, Philip Christopher An Investigation of the Internet for Spatial Data Distribution
DUMAS, Luc Paul Spatial Information Schemes for Village Water Resources Management in the Lower Mekong Basin
GOWDY, David Investigation of Patch Update Methods in a Battlefield Geographic Information System
GUNEY, Erol Change Detection and Analysis by Aerial Photogrammetry
KINNEY, Sean Geographic Information Systems in Health Care
DELOACH , Stephen R. GPS Tides: A Project to Determine Tidal Datums with the Global Positioning System
(Issued as Technical Report 181)
HALL, Bruce GIS Browsers as Information Systems for Land Surveyors
PRIHATNO, Kustanta Budi Forest Classification Using Texture Analysis
DJURDJANI Development of Digital Photogrammetric Operations in an Image Analysis System
GUNARATINE, Geekiy Anage Don Sarath Kumara Spectral Analysis of Long Gappy Tidal Records: A Comparison Two Algorithms
HERMANSEN, Brian Eric A Review of the Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard (DIGEST)
McCALL, Stewart The Design and Implementation of a CARIS-SAIF Translator
MOORE, Gregory Wayne A Study of the Semi Automated Raster-to-Vector Conversion Using SAMI
RATHNASOORIYA, Walimuni Dewage Sarath Guidelines for Structural Monitoring
STRUNZ, Stella Elizabeth Development of A Data Distribution Model for an Line Real Property Land Information Network
ALESHEIKH, Ali Asgar Generating Digital Orthoimage Using a Hybrid GIS
AVELLA, Saverio An Analysis of a Worldwide Status of Monitoring and Analysis of Dam Deformation
(Issued as Technical Report 167)
EBADI, Hamid A Digital Satellite Image Mosaic for New Brunswick
ElSHAFEY, Moines Hussein Ahmed Nasr An Irrigation Scheduling Program for Egypt Using a Geographic Information System
NANTON, Hayden Andrew Theodore Marine Information Management Systems: A Strategy for the Management of Marine Related Data
(Issued as Technical Report 165)
TAMTOMO, Johanes P. A Prototype of TCP/IP-Based InterNet-PRNet for Land Information Networks and Services
WATSON, Trent Lewis Use of Remote Sensing Techniques for Military Terrain Analysis Applications
LI, Yuk-Ying Helen The Development and Evaluation of the Land-Related Information Systems of the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton
LIGHT, Edward Dale Boundary Delineation of Wilderness and Ecological Reserves in Newfoundland
(Issued as Technical Report 163)
RANKINE, Graham Douglas Analysis of Selected Environmental Changes Resulting from Agricultural Activities Using a Geographic Information System
SHUPE, Scott Marshall Evaluation of X-Band Radar and Nocturnal Thermal Infrared Images for Soil Moisture Studies
TENG, Chee Hua Digital Map Revision in a Hybrid Geographic Information System
WEST, Owen Gregory Studies in the Determination of Phase Centre Variations in Conical, Global Positioning System Receiver Antennas Using the Method of Least Squares Spectral Analysis
GOKALP, Ertan Evaluation of GPS Measurements by MINQUE and Integration of GPS and Levelling in Subsidence Monitoring
LIU, Xingsheng Calibration of Non-Metric Stereo Cameras
BACHRI, Samsul Assessments of the POLARFIX System
KARMAN, Dedy Rumhadi Partial Evaluation Sea Surface Topography
PHILLIPS, Mark Charles Fractals Applications to Remote Sensing and Digital Mapping
TANG, Hong Wai Conrad Optimum Design of Geodetic Networks
BELLEROSE, Joseph Lorenzo Claude Planning and Conducting a Survey Operation in an Isolated Area
DENG, Gang An Economical Photogrammetric System
HALAKE, Joseph Guyo An Evaluation of Cadastral Boundary Delimitation Processes
IMWATI, Andrew Thiaine An Evaluation of Land Titling in Kenya
PEDROZA, Miguel Angel Effects of Troposphere and Geometry of Satellite in GPS Studies
TAN, Cheng San An Optimum Path Algorithm for Road Networks
WANG, Limin Architectural Photogrammetry with Emphasis on Applications in China
HASHIM, Mazlan Utilization of Thematic Mapper and Multispectral Scanner Data for Crop Classification and Monitoring
OPADEYI, Jacob A. S. An Assessment of Cadastral Developments in Sub-Saharan Africa
JODOIN, Steven John The Calibration of a Parabolic Antenna with the Aid of Close-Range Photogrammetry and Surveying
(Issued as Technical Report 130)
MAHMOOD, Tuan Baharom Computation of Secondary Phaselag
(Issued as Technical Report 125)
NANDLALL, Neville Rudolph Reforming the Role of Surveys as it Relates to the Land Tenure Framework of the Province of New Brunswick
BRASSARD, Daniel Joseph Towards the Development of Spatially Oriented Information Systems in the Canadian Land Forces
MWENDA, Jasper Ntwiga An Assessment of the Cadastral Survey System in Kenya
NEWTON, Laurence Alan Control Extension Utilizing Large Format Camera Photography
OKUMU, Benson Meshack Long Baseline Determination Using Observations with Macrometer II Prototype Receivers
YEUNG, Albert Kwok-Wai Development of Land-Related Information Systems in Ontario
ROMERO, Pablo Jose Use of Tiltmeters in an Integrated Subsidence Study
ABDULLAH, Khairul Anuar Ionospheric Correction of Single Frequency GPS Data Using Electron Content Derived from Simultaneous Transit Observations
BROWN, Jennifer Hellen Forest Clearcut Mapping from Landsat
CHRISTIE, Donald Gary The Development of a Theme Overlay Capability for CARIS
LITAN, Olufunso Oladapo A Mapping Proposal for Ogun-State, Nigeria
BABALOLA, Idowu Adamo The Role of the National Mapping Organizations in Third World Development
FALADE, Femi Property Mapping in the Maritime Provinces: Analysis of Time, Cost and Possible Improvements with Automation Technology
NICHOLS, Susan Elizabeth Delimitation of Tidal Boundaries
SANNI, Samson Salau Ozigi Modern Technology for the Improvement of Land Registration in Developing Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa
AZADEGAN, Ali Mohammad Elements of a Cadastral Mapping System for Iran
MAHMOUD-KARIMI, Soltan Geometric Route Design
MASHAIE, Akbar Screen Printing Applied to Multi-Colour Mapping
ASKARIAN, Ali-Akbar Investigation on the Different Approaches of Identification of Stable Points in a Network of Angular Measurements
DENNLER, Stephen Mark Evaluation of Micro-Geodetic Networks for Monitoring Tectonic Movements in Peru
WILKINSON, Gordon Allen Covariance Analysis for a Local Level Inertial Survey System
ARVIZU DIAZ, Raymundo Towards the Redefinition of the Mexican Geodetic Networks
GARCIA, Danilo de Jesus Aerotriangulation Utilizing Skylab/EREP Photography
LEHMAN, David Jay Three Dimensional Positioning for Micro Geodetic Networks
MILLIKEN, Guy Allen, Jr Photogrammetric Evaluation of Spherical Tank Component Deformations
GOONEWARDENE, Reginald Alexander A Synthesis of Specifications and Recommendations for Engineering Surveys
DRAKE, Blair Ronald A Study of Certain Aspects of the Policy and Law Pertaining to Highways as They Affect the Title and Boundaries of New Brunswick Highways
(Issued as Technical Report 47)
DRUMOND, Jane Elizabeth Optimum Specifications for Large Scale Urban Mapping Using Conventional Photogrammetry -- A Study of Existing Techniques
MISIC, Jovan A Comparison of Different Methods of Adjustment of Traverse and Traverse Networks
KULIK, Slawomir New Approach in Signalization and Marking of Points in Urban Survey Nets
THOMPSON, Gregory Clive An Inertial Navigation System for Photogrammetry: Accuracy of the LTN-51 for Use in Coastal Mapping
SCOVILL, Edwin Tracey Comparison of Computer Programs for the Adjustment of City Networks
MOSAIENKO, Nicholas James Experiences with the Epipolar Image Correlation Technique
UDOFFA, Idongesit Matthew The Application of Four Radio Positioning Systems in the 1972 Hydrographic Surveys of Labrador Coast
AMERESKERE, Ranjit The Adjustment of the McCall Glacier Control Survey 1971
MRZENA, Valdimir Investigation of Refraction and Use of Trigonometric Levelling in Traverses
HABIBULLAH, Mohammed Practical Study of TKW Gyro Attachment
BLANKSON, Samuel Okornor Recalculation of Deflections of the Vertical in Central New Brunswick and Limits of Methods