Yang, Yue Visiting Scholar Ongoing
Li, Peixian Visiting Scholar Ongoing
Liu, Zhifeng Visiting Scholar Ongoing
Hu, Lei Visiting Scholar Ongoing
Dombrowski, Marcel Research Technician Ongoing
Geng, Liqiang Research Associate Ongoing
Jabari, Shabnam Post-Doctoral Fellow Ongoing
Liu, William Research Technician Ongoing
Liu, Sandy Research Associate (part-time) Completed
Zheng, Chen Post-Doctoral Fellow Completed
Turner, Alexander Summer Research Assistant Completed
Huang, Zhongwei Research Assistant Completed
Khiabani, Sina Post-Doctoral Fellow Completed
Zhao, Yindi Visiting Scholar Completed
Liu, Guoying Post-Doctoral Fellow Completed
Wang, Leiguang Post-Doctoral Fellow Completed
Dai, Qinlin Visiting Scholar Completed
Xu, Qizhi Post-Doctoral Fellow Completed
Mousavi, Emad Research Assistant Completed
Xiong, Zhen Research Associate Completed
Dal Poz, Aluir Visiting Scholar (Professor, Dr.) Completed
Ding, L., PhD Visiting Scholar Completed
Li, H., MCs Research Assistant Completed
Wang, G.J., PhD Visiting Scholar Completed
Hughes, W., PhD Research Scientist Completed
Xiong, Z., PhD Research Fellow Completed
Li, H., MCs Research Assistant Completed
Tong, H.J., PhD Research Fellow Completed
Tong, H.J., PhD Post Doctoral Fellow Completed
Deng, N.W., PhD Post Doctoral Fellow (with Dr. A. Chrzanowski) Completed
Wu, L.X., PhD Visiting ScholarCompleted
Xiong, Z., PhD Post Doctoral FellowCompleted
Xie, P.P., MScE Research AssistantCompleted
Li, H., MCs Research AssistantCompleted
Afify, H., PhD Post Doctoral FellowCompleted

PhD Students


Helmy, Essam Hyperspectral Sensing Ongoing
Fathollahi, Fatemeh Image fusion Ongoing
Rezaee, Mohammad Image segmentation Ongoing
Roshan, A. Video image processing Ongoing
Suliman, A. Image matching for change detection Completed
Jabari, S. 3D based change detection Completed
Khiabani, S.A. Moving target & 3D information Completed
Mishra, R.K. LiDAR and MS integration Completed
Beyhaei, A. RS for transportation (with Dr. M. Zhong) Completed
Salehi, B. Change Detection (with Dr. M. Zhong) Completed
Xiong, Z. Moving target detection Completed
Hong, G. Change DetectionCompleted
Mayunga, D. Roof extraction (with Dr. D. Coleman)Completed

Master's Students


Turner, Alexander 3D Information Extraction Ongoing
Tong, Fei Image Segmentation (co-supervision) Ongoing
Kotsollaris, Menelaos Satellite database (w. Dr. Stefanakis) Completed
Abouhamzeh, Amir 3D mapping Completed
Huang, Zhongwei Hyperspectral image processing Completed
Shodimu, Okikiolu Change detection Completed
Guo, Ge Moving object detection Completed
Mousavi, Emad3D remote sensing and GIS integrationCompleted
Wang, J.J. Hyperspectral image classification Completed
Dey, V. Image Segmentation (with Dr. M. Zhong) Completed
Ahmad, A. Soil moisture remote sensing (with Dr. S. Nichols) Completed
Wuest, B. Segmentation based Classification Completed
Amolins, K. Integration of LIDAR and GPS (with Dr. P. Dare) Completed
McCarthy, F.Remote sensing and GIS integrationCompleted
Deschênes, C.SAR polarization images for object extractionCompleted
Maxwell, T.Segmentation and object-oriented classificationCompleted
Fleming, J.Remote sensing for coastal mapping (with Dr. D. Wells)Completed
Wang, R.Road extractionCompleted
Xie, P.P. 3D satellite image processingCompleted
Burbridge, S.Change detectionCompleted
OthersSupervised additional 12 graduate students in cross-disciplinary or industry-related projects.Completed


Undergraduate Students

Supervised 35 students in their final year undergraduate research, summer scholarship research, or co-op work since 2001.



Student Career

100% of the students have received one (or more) job offer(s) immediately after their graduation, from Canadian or US academic, government, or industry organizations, including MDA and CCRS.