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Research in the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering covers the whole breadth of geodesy and geomatics. Most research is centred in the four major research groups in the department: the Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering, the Geodetic Research Laboratory, the Geographical Engineering Group, and the Ocean Mapping Group.

Current projects include the application of the Global Positioning System to geodesy, navigation, spacecraft operations, large engineering projects, and Geographic Information Systems; gravity field studies; studies of earth deformations; modern techniques for geodetic network analyses; research in marine geodesy; modelling tropospheric propagation delay of satellite signals; studies of the ionosphere and its effects on signals from navigation satellites; study of the geoid in Canada; visualization, manipulation, and interpretation of ocean mapping (swath mapping, sidescan sonar, and seismic) data; classification of the seafloor and applications of ocean mapping data to paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic problems; cleaning of hydrographic data; hydrographic ground truthing; marine boundaries; satellite altimetry; design of integrated survey schemes for monitoring deformations in engineering and geoscience projects; development of generalized approaches to the analysis of deformation surveys; use of the finite element method in integrated deformation analysis; development of new measuring techniques for industrial metrology and precision alignment surveys; development of data management systems for monitoring deformations of engineering structures; studies of ground subsidence in mining areas; integration of remote sensing and geographical information systems; feature matching and extraction; development of digital mapping and digital image analysis systems; integration of digital map and digital image data; digital photogrammetry; GIS software development; spatial data interchange; spatial meta-data; spatial databases; multi-dimensional search; design of land administration systems; property formalization in developing countries; development of spatial data infrastructures; land policy/administration studies; property rights in aquaculture; land tenure and aboriginal rights.

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