Project Team               

Text Box: Marcelo Santos
Dr. Santos, originally of  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is an  
Associate Professor at the University of New Brunswick in   
Fredericton, and the overall coordinator for this project. He 
has been part of the Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering 
Department since January, 2000. His webpage can be seen at:  


Text Box: David Wells
Dr. David Wells is the inspirational force behind the Princess
of Acadia project. Dave is Professor Emeritus at the 
University of New Brunswick. He also teaches at the 
University of Southern Mississippi and at the University of 
New Hampshire. Dave is native of Montreal










Text Box: Karen Cove                            
Originally of Riverview, NB, Karen graduated from
the UNB Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
undergraduate program in 2002. She is currently working
on her masters, under the supervision of Dr. Santos.
Throughout the duration of this project, Karen will aid in
the overall coordination of affairs, head field procedures
and data processing, and deal with weather front issues.
Julie Baglole
Originally of Summerside, PEI, Julie is an undergraduate
at UNB in the Geodesy and Geomatics program. She is
working with the project team for the summer months, after
which time she will be returning to classes. During her time,
Julie will be assisting with the field work and data processing,
will be doing some Matlab Scripting, and maintaining the 

Text Box: Sunil Bisnath
Dr. Sunil Bisnath grew up in Toronto. He holds a Ph. D from UNB. He is Associate Researcher with the Science Research Center, Department of Marine Science, The University of Southern Mississippi, and one of the project leaders.










Text Box: Mohammed Al-Shahri 
Mohammed, a graduate student originally of Oman,
has come to UNB, Fredericton, from the University of
Oman. He is working on his graduate studies
investigating the effects of multipath on base stations
and on rover receiver, after having completed a degree in
civil Engineering in 2001.  As per his research, Mohamed's
main task in the project is dealing with the effects of
multipath, as well as assisting with the fieldwork. 





Text Box: Mahzar Rafiq
Originally of Pakistan, Mahzar in a masters student
at UNB, Fredericton, after having completed his
undergraduate studies and a Masters in Mining Engineering  
in Pakistan. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in
computer hardware and software. His main focus throughout
the duration of this project is data processing using a 
departmental software known as DIPOP.
Christian Salomon

Originally of Shediac, NB, Christian is a M. Sc. E with 
UNB since in September, 2003.  His main focus
during this project is Vertical Frames and Tidal

Text Box: David Dodd
Original of Nova Scotia, is professor at Department of Marine Science, The University of Southern Mississippi and Director of Graduate Studies. Working on computational aspects and code development.

Jamie Davis

Computer support at University of Southern Mississippi.



Stephen Howden





Ben Remondi

Dr. Remondi is ahead of The XYZ's of GPS,

developers of DynaPos software.



Text Box: Don Kim
Dr. Don Kim is Associate Researcher at UNB. He is original from South Korea. He has been working on algorithm implementations on the UNB RTK software.




Shown Woo


Shown is the computer support at UNB.


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