Receivers will collect GPS kinematic data at reference stations located on both sides of the Bay of Fundy:  

and by a GPS rover receiver on board the ferry The Princess of Acadia. In this way, base stations will be at different distances from the onboard receiver as it moves. Other base stations are available in Fredericton (2) and in Halifax. In addition, data from the CORS station Eastport (ESPT), Maine, can also be used. 

        Data will be covered in different seasons and periods with distinct weather conditions, aiming at detecting effects coming from seasonal variation, daily variation, cold fronts, etc. Other assets to the project are meteorological stations collocated with the GPS receivers, and tide gauges in St. John and Digby. 

Text Box:   Base Stations located in:
    Saint John, NB (cgsj)
    Digby, NS (drhs)
    Fredericton, NB (unb1, cacs)
     Halifax, NS (hlfx)
     Eastport, Maine (US)   
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