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Technical Reports

TR # Title Author(s) Date
4 An Exploratory Investigation into Satellite Positioning Techniques to be Employed in Canadian Continental Shelf and Arctic Areas (? MB) Edward J. Krakiwsky
Jan Kouba
23 A Program Package for Packing and Generalizing Digital Cartographic Data (3 MB) P. Vaníček
D.F. Woolnough
24 Orthogonal Matrix Package Program (ORTMATPAC) for the Wang-700 (2 MB) E. Dorrer 1973-April
27 A Method for Astro-Gravimetric Geoid Determination (6 MB) C.L. Merry
P. Vaníček
29 Doppler Satellite Control (17 MB) D.E. Wells 1974-September
30 Combination of Geodetic Networks (10 MB) D.B. Thomson 1976-April
31 Studies Towards an Astrogravimetric Geoid for Canada (8 MB) C.L. Merry 1975-February
32 Report on Geocentric and Geodetic Datums (2 MB) P. Vaníček 1975-February
37 Infrastructure Information Requirements in the Maritime Provinces: An Analysis (9 MB) A.C. Hamilton
A. Chrzanowski
N. McNaughton
41 Gravity Field and Levelled Heights in Canada (23 MB) M.M. Nassar 1977-March
46 The Stereographic Double Projection (3 MB) D.B. Thomson
M.P. Mepham
R.R. Steeves
47 The Title and Boundaries of New Brunswick Highways (16 MB) B. Drake 1977-September
48 A Manual for Geodetic Coordinate Transformations in the Maritime Provinces (4 MB) D.B. Thomson
E.J. Krakiwsky
R.R. Steeves
52 A Manual for Geodetic Position Computations in the Maritime Provinces (6 MB) D.B. Thomson
E.J. Krakiwsky
J.R. Adams
53 The Principal Concepts for a Long-Term Mapping Program in the Maritime Provinces (14 MB) A.C. Hamilton
R. Castonguay
54 A Users' Manual for Program GEOPAN Geodetic Plane Adjustment and Analysis (6 MB) R.R. Steeves 1978-September
55 Automated Tidal Reduction of Soundings (10 MB) E.G. Okenwa 1978-November
56 A Manual for the Establishment and Assessment of Horizontal Survey Networks in the Maritime Provinces (8 MB) D.B. Thomson
E.J. Krakiwsky
B.G. Nickerson
57 A Priori Estimation of Variance for Surveying Observables (6 MB) B.G. Nickerson 1978-November
58 Investigation on the Analytical Form of the Transition Matrix in Inertial Geodesy (3 MB) V.C. Wong
K.-P. Schwarz
59 Description of the Local Level Inertial Survey System and its Simulation (18 MB) John R. Adams 1979-April
60 Interactive Network Design (7 MB) B.G. Nickerson 1979-April
62 Remote Sensing for Renewable Resource Monitoring in the Maritime Provinces (7 MB) A.C. Hamilton 1978-August
65 Geodetic Aspects of Engineering Surveys Requiring High Accuracy (9 MB) B. Teskey 1979-September
69 Selected Check-List of Resource Materials for the Teaching of Surveying (3 MB) E.C. Hamilton 1980-June
71 A Least Squares Adjustment for Long Baseline Interferometry (7 MB) D.A. Davidson 1980-June
73 An Evaluation of Three Techniques for the Prediction of Gravity Anomalies in Canada (5 MB) F.A. Kassim 1980-September
74 Sea Surface Computations from Local Satellite Tracking and Satellite Altimetry (8 MB) D. Delikaraoglou 1980-October
75 NAVSTAR Performance Analysis (15 MB) D. Wells
D. Delikaraoglou
76 Application of NAVSTAR/GPS to Geodesy in Canada: Pilot Study (7 MB) D. Wells
P. Vaníček
D. Delikaraoglou
77 Intersection of Hyperbolae on the Earth (6 MB) N. Stuifbergen 1980-December
79 Estimation of Gravity Tilt Response to Atmospheric Phenomena at the Fredericton Tiltmetric Station Using a Least Squares Response Method (7 MB) R.R. Steeves 1981-September
81 A Review of Alternatives for Managing Arctic Hydrographic Data (7 MB) A. Hamilton
S. Masry
82 The Zero Frequency Response of Sea Level to Meteorological Influences (4 MB) C.L. Merry
P. Vaníček
83 Diagrammatic Approach to Solve Least-Squares Adjustment and Collocation Problems (5 MB) M. Mohammad-Karim 1981-September
84 Least-Squares Spectral Analysis Revisited (4 MB) D. Wells
P. Vaníček
S. Pagiatakis
85 ALERT Program for NAVSTAR Global Positioning System, Transit, LAGEOS, and Starlette Satellites (6 MB) S.P. Mertikas
D. Delikaraoglou
R. Santerre
86 Computer Program Library User's Guide (2 MB) T. Arsenault 1984-May
87 On the Detection of Outliers and the Determination of Reliability in Geodetic Networks (7 MB) M. Kavouras 1982-November
88 A Digital Data Recorder and Transfer Device for the Marconi 722B Satellite Navigation Receiver (8 MB) M.S. Lord 1982-April
89 The Evaluation and Implementation of an Apple II Microcomputer as an Interactive Graphics Terminal (8 MB) L.B. Slipp 1983-February
90 Global Positioning System Differential Positioning Simulations (16 MB) D. Davidson
D. Delikaraoglou
R.B. Langley
B. Nickerson
P. Vaníček
D.E. Wells
91 Complex Crustal Strain Approximation (12 MB) D. Schneider 1982-September
92 Ocean Tide Loading, Body Tide and Polar Motion Effects on Very Long Baseline Interferometry (8 MB) S.D. Pagiatakis 1982-December
93 Subsidence Determination by Aerial Photogrammetry (6 MB) C. Armenakis 1983-May
94 Analysis of Deformation Surveys - A Generalized Method (14 MB) Y.-Q.  Chen 1983-April
95 Differential Global Positioning System Navigation: A Geometrical Analysis (7 MB) S. P. Mertikas 1983-April
96 LORAN-C Phaselag Investigation (5 MB) D.E. Wells
D.E. Davidson
98 Programs SATNAV and LINK Descriptions and User's Guides (7 MB) S.H. Quek 1983-June
99 Differential LORAN-C for Buoy Position Checking
Vol.1: Main Report (12 MB)
Vol.2: Data Plots (14 MB)
D.E. Wells
B.G. Nickerson
D. Davidson
100 Evaluation of Mathematical Models for Gyrocompass Behaviour: Error Modelling and Applications (10 MB) N. Christou 1983-April
101 Spline Smoothing of Two-Dimensional Data Series with Precision Estimation Applied to Satellite Navigation (17 MB) S.H. Quek 1983-March
102 The Electronic Chart (5 MB) A.C. Hamilton
B.G. Nickerson
103 Tidal Boundary Delimitation (14 MB) S.E. Nichols 1983-September
105 SEAHATS Land Trials (3 MB) W. Peters 1984-February
106 The Expected Impact of the Electronic Chart on the Canadian Hydrographic Service (8 MB) A.C. Hamilton
B. Nickerson
S.E. Masry
107 Heights on a Deforming Earth (9 MB) G. Carrera 1984-March
108 Studies in the Application of the Global Positioning System to Differential Positioning (16 MB) R. Langley
G. Beutler
D. Delikaraoglou
B. Nickerson
R. Santerre
P. Vaníček
D.E. Wells
109 Some Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Geodetic Positioning Using Carrier Phase Difference Observations of GPS Satellites (5 MB) G. Beutler
D. Davidson
R. Langley
R. Santerre
P. Vaníček
D.E. Wells
110 CESAR: Radiopositioning Analysis (26 MB) D.E. Wells 1985-August
111 A Land Information Network for New Brunswick (15 MB) D. Palmer 1984-September
112 Evaluation of CMA 771 Omega Receiver Performance on Project CESAR (13 MB) S.H. Quek
D.E. Wells
113 Error Distribution and Accuracy Measures in Navigation (4 MB) S. Mertikas 1985-February
114 Outline for a Land Information Series in the Historical Section, Atlas of Canada (5 MB) A.C. Hamilton
L.M. Sebert
J.D. McLaughlin
115 DIPOP - Differential Positioning Program Package for the Global Positioning System (18 MB) P. Vaníček
G. Beutler
A. Kleusberg
R.B. Langley
R. Santerre
D.E. Wells
116 GPS Design: Undifferenced Carrier Beat Phase Observations and the Fundamental Differencing Theorem (9 MB) D.E. Wells
W. Lindlohr
B. Schaffrin
E. Grafarend
117 Implementation of a Generalized Method for the Analysis of Deformation Surveys (8 MB) J. M. Secord 1985-October
118 Rigorous Densification of Horizontal Geodetic Networks (10 MB) F.N. Lugoe 1985-November
119 On the Modelling of Tropospheric Effects in Ultra-High Frequency Radio Positioning (10 MB) H.W. Janes 1986-January
120 Design and Implementation of an Inshore Hydrographic Surveying System (9 MB) P.E. Hourdakis 1986-January
121 Evaluation of the Plumb Line Curvature Effect on the Deflection of the Vertical (5 MB) Hung Pen-shan 1986-January
122 Performance Considerations for Real-Time Navigation with GPS (5 MB) K. Doucet 1986-January
123 Differential Distortions in Photogrammetric Block Adjustment (5 MB) A. Voon 1986-February
124 Control Survey Study for LRIS (14 MB) A.C. Hamilton
A. Chrzanowski
W. Faig
R.B. Langley
J.D. McLaughlin
P. Vaníček
D.E. Wells
125 Secondary Phaselag Computation (10 MB) T.B. Mahmood 1986-October
126 Land Information and the Land Surveyor -- Proceedings of a Seminar (16 MB) A.C. Hamilton 1986-October
127 Analysis of the Juan de Fuca GPS Survey 1986 (11 MB) A. Kleusberg
L. Wanninger
128 Satellite Altimetry Applications for Marine Gravity (13 MB) P. Vaníček
D.E. Wells
E. Derenyi
A. Kleusberg
R. Yazdani
T. Arsenault
N. Christou
J. Mantha
S. Pagiatakis
129 The Canadian Geoid (9 MB) P. Vaníček
A. Kleusberg
R.G. Chang
H. Fashir
N. Christou
M. Hofman
T. Kling
T. Arsenault
130 The Calibration of a Parabolic Antenna with the Aid of Close-Range Photogrammetry and Surveying (13 MB) S.J. Jodoin 1987-August
132 Propagation of Refraction Errors in Trigonometric Height Traversing and Geodetic Levelling (10 MB) G.A. Kharaghani 1987-November
133 Displacement Monitoring by Integrating On-Line Photogrammetric Observations with Dynamic Information (17 MB) C. Armenakis 1987-November
134 Canada's Unresolved Maritime Boundaries (11 MB) J.K. Renouf 1988-January
135 Conference 1988 on Deformation Surveys: Executive Summaries (17 MB) A. Chrzanowski (Chair) 1988-June
136 Trends and Concerns of Spatial Sciences (15 MB) Y.C. Lee 1988-June
137 Land Information in Prince Edward Island (5 MB) F.S. Cheng (Compiler) 1988-June
138 The Application of Expert Systems in Geographical Information Systems (6 MB) M. Uhlenbruck 1988-June
139 Ocean Tide Loading on a Self-Gravitating, Compressible, Layered, Anisotropic, Visco-Elastic and Rotating Earth with Solid Inner Core and Fluid Outer Core (12 MB) S.D. Pagiatakis 1988-July
140 Some Aspects of Kalman Filtering (6 MB) M.A. Salzmann 1988-August
141 Critical Evaluation of Stereophotogrammetric Methodology with Emphasis on Close-Range Applications (17 MB) P.T-Y Shih 1989-May
142 Implementation of Trigonometric Height Traversing in Geodetic Levelling of High Precision (13 MB) A. Chrzanowski 1989-May
143 Short-Arc Orbit Improvement for GPS Satellites (12 MB); OCR'd version (9 MB) D. Parrot 1989-June
144 Integration of GPS and Levelling for Subsidence Monitoring Studies at Costa Bolivar Oil Fields, Venezuela (9 MB) J. Leal 1989-October
145 GPS Satellite Sky Distribution: Impact on the Propagation of Some Important Errors in Precise Relative Positioning (14 MB) R. Santerre 1989-October
146 Integration of Coordinating System with Conventional Metrology in the Setting Out of Magnetic Lenses of a Nuclear Accelerator (11 MB) F.J. Wilkins 1989-November
147 Computation of a File of Geoidal Heights Using Molodenskij's Truncation Method (8 MB) P. Vaníček
C. Zhang
P. Ong
148 On the Space-Time Ocean Current Variability and its Effects on the Length-of-Day (23 MB) N. T. Christou 1990-September
149 An Investigation into Acceleration Determination for Airborne Gravimetry Using the Global Positioning System (10 MB) D. R. Peyton 1990-October
150 The Infrastructure Requirements for a Marine Information Management System (10 MB) I.E. Ford 1990-October
151 A Plan for Coastal Zone Integrated Resource Management in a Developing South West Pacific Island Country (16 MB) T.D.G. Barker 1991-January
152 Verification of Gravimetric Geoidal Models by a Combination of GPS and Orthometric Heights (10 MB) G.L. Robinson 1991-May
153 The Compilation of a Map of Recent Vertical Crustal Movements in Canada (6 MB) G. Carrera
P. Vaníček
M.R. Craymer
154 A Long Arc Approach to GPS Satellite Orbit Improvement (14 MB) Ding-Sheng Chen 1991-May
155 Vessel Heave Determination Using the Global Positioning System (10 MB) P.J.V. Rapatz 1991-September
156 Robustness Analysis (8 MB) P. Vaníček
E.J. Krakiwsky
M.R. Craymer
Yang Gao
P.S. Ong
157 Optimization and Design of Deformation Monitoring Schemes (12 MB) S.-L. Kuang 1991-September
158 Determination of Geoidal Height Difference Using Ring Integration Method (10 MB) A. Tsen 1992-August
159 U.S. Coast Guard Marine Accident Database (6 MB) T. Hottendorff
M.V. Hullmeine
160 An Assessment of Empirical Models for the Prediction of the Transionospheric Propagation Delay of Radio Signals (28 MB) S.P. Newby 1992-August
161 Access and Privacy of Distributed Land Related Information (17 MB) R.I. Anderson 1992-August
162 Optimum Software Architecture for an Analytical Photogrammetric Workstation and its Integration into a Spatial Information Environment (17 MB) J. Olaleye 1992-October
163 Boundary Delineation of Wilderness and Ecological Reserves in Newfoundland (10 MB) E.D. Light 1992-December
164 Computational and Geometrical Aspects of On-the-Fly Ambiguity Resolution (34 MB) H.Z. Abidin 1993-January
165 Marine Information Management Systems: A Strategy for the Management of Marine Related Data (10 MB) H.A. Nanton 1993-January
166 A Regional Model for the Prediction of Ionospheric Delay for Single Frequency Users of the Global Positioning System (9 MB) I. Webster 1993-April
167 An Analysis of a Worldwide Status for Monitoring and Analysis of Dam Deformation (21 MB) S. Avella 1993-August
168 Land Registration: Managing Information for Land Administration (36 MB) S. Nichols 1993-August
169 The Land Surveyor in a Distributed Information Environment (16 MB) R.A.Moore 1994-May
170 The Effect of Physical Correlations on the Ambiguity Resolution and Accuracy Estimation in GPS Differential Positioning (10 MB) A.E-S. El Rabbany 1994-May
171 Determination of Earth Rotation Parameters and Adjustment of a Global Geodetic Network Using the Global Positioning System (12 MB) Pinjian Li 1994-May
172 GPS Tides: A Project to Determine Tidal Datums with the Global Positioning System (Superseded by TR 181) S.R. Deloach 1994-June
173 Design and Analysis of the Vertical Control for the Superconducting Super Collider Project in Texas (12 MB) P.W. DeKrom 1995-September
174 GPS Subsidence Study of the Costa Bolivar Oil Fields, Venezuela (13 MB) J. Walford 1995-September
175 The Design of a Re-Engineering Framework for Land Information Management in Jamaica (18 MB) M.D. Sutherland 1995-September
176 Development of the Automatic Data Management and the Analysis of Integrated Deformation Measurements (17 MB) J.M. Secord 1995-November
177 Evaluation of Strategies for Estimating Residual Neutral-Atmosphere Propagation Delay in High Precision Global Positioning System Data Analysis (9 MB) A.D. van der Wal 1995-November
178 Real-Time Orbit Improvement for GPS Satellites (2 MB) M.C. Santos 1995-November
179 A Seamless Vertical-Reference Surface for Acquisition, Management and ECDIS Display of Hydrographic Data (10 MB) D.E. Wells
A. Kleusberg
P. Vaníček
180 Application of Robustness Analysis to Large Geodetic Networks (7 MB) P. Vaníček
P. Ong
E.J. Krakiwsky
M.R. Craymer
181 GPS Tides: A Project to Determine Tidal Datums with the Global Positioning System (8 MB) S.R. DeLoach 1996-May
182 A New Navigation Filter (1 MB) Benlin Xu 1996-May
183 Dynamic Monitoring with Video Systems (11 MB) Chang-Kyung Lee 1996-August
184 Compilation of a Precise Regional Geoid (11 MB) P. Vaníček
A. Kleusberg
Z. Martinec
W. Sun
P. Ong
M. Najafi
P. Vajda
L. Harrie
P. Tomasek
B. ter Horst
185 The Reduction of Differential Ionospheric Delay for GPS Carrier Phase Ambiguity Resolution (8 MB) P. J. Stewart 1997-August
186 Estimation of Variance-Covariance Components for Geodetic Observations and Implications on Deformation Trend Analysis (16 MB) J. Grodecki 1997-October
187 A Tropospheric Delay Model for the User of the Wide Area Augmentation System (Superseded by TR 203) J. P. Collins
R. B. Langley
188 Global Ionospheric Total Electron Content Mapping Using the Global Positioning System (6 MB) A. Komjathy 1997-September
189 Sound Speed Variations in the Arabian Gulf and Their Effect on Multibeam Echo Sounding (13 MB) Fahad Alamri 1998-March
190 The Calibration of Shallow Water Multibeam Echo-Sounding Systems (12 MB) André Godin 1998-March
191 Performance Analysis of GPS Attitude Determination in a Hydrographic Survey Launch (11 MB) Joao Paulo Ramalho Marreiros 1998-March
192 Analysis and Procedures of Multibeam Data Cleaning for Bathymetric Charting (14 MB) Fernando Manuel Freitas Artilheiro 1998-April
193 OTF DGPS for Estuarine Dredging and Sounding Surveys (10 MB) Richard B. Phelan 1998-April
194 A Case Study of the Production of an S-57 ENC with CARIS Tools (10 MB) Luis Miguel Pais 1998-April
195 Continuous GPS Monitoring of Crustal Deformation with the Western Canada Deformation Array: 1992-1995 (14 MB) Xin Chen 1998-April
196 Harvest Tracking and Navigation with GPS (17 MB) Michael E. Wolfe 1999-February
197 In Search of Chaotic Elements in the Bay of Fundy Water Level Measurements (10 MB) Edward Bartlett 1999-February
198 Development and Testing of In-Context Confidence Regions for Geodetic Survey Networks (1 MB) E.J. Krakiwsky
D.J. Szabo
P. Vaníček
M.R. Craymer
199 Modeling the Neutral-Atmosphere Propagation Delay in Radiometric Space Techniques (48 MB); OCR'd version (15 MB) V.B. Mendes 1999-April
200 Photogrammetric Investigation into Low-Resolution Digital Camera Systems (14 MB) Xiaopeng Li 1999-June
201 Practical Testing and Evaluating of the EOS PhotoModeler®, an Off-the-Shelf Digital Close Range Photogrammetric Software Package (11 MB) Deng Gang 1999-June
202 A Proposed Submarine Electronic Chart Display and Information System (10 MB) James Allan Clarke 1999-September
203 Assessment and Development of a Tropospheric Delay Model for Aircraft Users of the Global Positioning System (Supersedes TR 187) (16 MB) John Paul Collins 1999-September
204 Nominal and Extreme Error Performance of the UNB3 Tropospheric Delay Model (25 MB) J. P. Collins
R. B. Langley
205 Festschrift in Honour of Adam Chrzanowski (35 MB) J. Secord (editor) 2000-January
206 Product Specifications for Marine Information Objects (6 MB) Miguel Pacheco 2000-July
207 Evaluation of Gravity Data for the Stokes-Helmert Solution to the Geodetic Boundary-Value Problem (7 MB) Pavel Novák 2000-December
208 Real Property Issues in the Marine Aquaculture Industry in New Brunswick (11 MB) S. Nichols
I. Edwards
J. Dobbin
K. Komjathy
S. Hanham
209 An Examination of Alternative Compensation Methods for the Removal of the Ridging Effect from Digital Terrain Model Data Files (11 MB) Kevin H. Pegler 2001-October
210 Remote Sensing and GIS Integration: Towards Intelligent Imagery within a Spatial Data Infrastructure (31 MB) Mohamed Abdelrahim 2001-October
211 Advanced Mission Planning Tool for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS Surveying (4 MB) Michael K. Hogan 2001-October
212 Performance Comparison of Wide Area Differential GPS Systems (23 MB) Tamás Horváth 2002-February
213 On Picard Criterion and the Well-Posed Nature of Harmonic Downward Continuation (5 MB) Jeff Chak Fu Wong 2002-February
214 Automated Dam Displacement Monitoring Using a Robotic Total Station (5 MB) James A. Lutes 2002-February
215 Design and Implementation of a Spatially Enabled Panoramic Virtual Reality Prototype (2 MB) Stephen Rawlinson 2002-January
216 Computational Methods for the Discrete Downward Continuation of the Earth Gravity and Effects of Lateral Topographical Mass Density Variation on Gravity and the Geoid (8 MB) Jianliang Huang 2002-July
217 Claiming a Juridical Continental Shelf Under Article 76 of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) (2 MB) David Monahan 2002-October
218 Honoring the Academic Life of Petr Vaníček (15 MB) Ed. Marcelo Santos 2003-January
219 Design and Development of an Internet Collaboration System to Support GIS Data Production Management (73 MB; low-res version, 5 MB) Songnian Li 2003-May
220 Precise Orbit Determination of Low Earth Orbiters with a Single GPS Receiver-Based, Geometric Strategy (3 MB) Sunil Bisnath 2004-February
221 A Method for Processing Data From a Regional Continuous Crustal Deformation GPS Monitoring Network (4 MB) Chunlin Shen 2004-February
222 An Investigation on the Use of GPS for Deformation Monitoring in Open Pit Mines (4 MB) Jason Bond 2004-March
223 A Web-Based 3D Visualization Prototype System for High-Resolution Satellite Colour Stereo Images (2 MB) Pingping Xie 2004-April
224 Framework Data Modeling for the Proposed National Spatial Data Infrastructure of United Arab Emirates (6 MB) Saleh Saad Alhubail 2004-May
225 Evaluation of the CARIS Hydrographic Production Database in the Production of Paper Charts, ENC, and AML (3 MB) Leonel Pereira Manteigas 2004-September
226 A Marine Recreational Vessel Reconnaissance System Utilizing IKONOS Imagery (4 MB) Kevin Pegler 2004-October
227 A Neutral Framework for Modelling and Analysing Aboriginal Land Tenure Systems (5 MB) Mele Estella Tupou Rakai 2005-January
228 Marine Cadastres and the Law: Using Modern Developments in Marine Boundary Law to Construct a Legal Framework for Offshore and Coastal Spaces (2 MB) Sara Cockburn 2005-April
229 Early Results Towards the Canadian Geoid in the Three-Space Scenario (5 MB) Huaining Yang 2005-April
230 Improvements in GPS Tropospheric Delay Estimation with Numerical Weather Prediction (2 MB) Karen Cove 2005-May
231 Design of a Semi-Automatic Algorithm for Shoreline Extraction Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images (5 MB) John N. Fleming 2005-June
232 Marine Boundaries and Good Governance of Marine Spaces (3 MB) Michael D. Sutherland 2005-July
233 Object-Oriented Classification: Classification of Pan-Sharpened QuickBird Imagery and a Fuzzy Approach to Improving Image Segmentation Efficiency (12 MB) Travis Maxwell 2005-September
234 Towards a Consensus Building Within Canada's Aquaculture Industry: Design of a Framework for Addressing Conflict, Information Management and Public Consultation (2 MB) Meredith Hutchison 2006-January
235 Conceptual Framework for Modelling and Analysing Periurban Land Problems in Southern Africa (4 MB) Boipuso Nkwae 2006-February
236 Extending ECDIS Content: A Process for Producing Ice Information MIOS Based on S-57 Ice Objects (3 MB) George Dias 2006-February
237 Bedform Migration and Associated Sand Transport on a Banner Bank: Application of Repetitive Multibeam Surveying and Tidal Current Measurement to the Estimation of Sediment Transport (15 MB) Garret Patrick Duffy 2006-March
238 Demarcation and Registration of Indigenous Lands in Brazil (5 MB) Meredith Hutchison
Sue Nichols
Marcelo Santos
Hazel Onsrud
Silvane Paixao
239 Women and Land Reform in Brazil (2 MB) Hazel Onsrud
Silvane Paixao
Sue Nichols
240 A Methodology for Raster to Vector Conversion of Colour Scanned Maps (17 MB) Ojaswa Sharma 2006-May
241 Tidal Height Retrieval Using Globally Corrected GPS in the Amundsen Gulf Region of the Canadian Arctic (4 MB) Travis D. Wert 2006-July
242 Robustness Analysis of Geodetic Networks (2 MB) Mustafa Berber 2006-July
243 Extending Land Management Approaches to Coastal and Oceans Management: A Framework for Evaluating the Role of Tenure Information in Canadian Marine Protected Areas (5 MB) Sam Macharia Ng'ang'a 2006-July
244 Design and Implementation of a GIS-Enabled Online Discussion Forum for Participatory Planning (6 MB) Man Yee (Teresa) Tang 2006-September
245 Observations of Advection and Turbulent Interfacial Mixing in the Saint John River Estuary, New Brunswick, Canada (40 MB) Nicole Delpeche 2006-December
246 A Physically Meaningful Model of Vertical Crustal Movements in Canada Using Smooth Piecewise Algebraic Approximation: Constraints for Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Models (15 MB) Azadeh Koohzare 2007-April
247 Image Fusion, Image Registration, and Radiometric Normalization for High Resolution Image Processing (7 MB) Gang Hong 2007-April
248 Maximizing the Coverage and Utility of Multibeam Backscatter for Seafloor Classification (21 MB) Aluizio Maciel de Oliveira Junior 2007-July
249 A Comparison of Local and Wide Area GNSS Differential Corrections Disseminated Using the Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP) (3 MB) George McKessock 2007-April
250 An Empirical Usability Evaluation of a Web-Based Public Participation Geographic Information System and Discussion Forum (2 MB) J. Zhao 2007-August
251 Tuning the CARIS Implementation of CUBE for Patagonian Waters (4 MB) Miguel E. Vásquez 2007-September
252 A Systems Engineering Approach to Designing an Ocean and Coastal Information Management Strategy (2 MB) Katalin Komjathy 2007-September
253 Bringing GPS into Harsh Environments for Deformation Monitoring (5 MB) D. Jason Bond 2007-October
254 Sailing Directions in Digital Format: An Opportunity for Enriched Media and Information Content (9 MB)
Associated Flash video (39 MB): Inner Approach to Saint John
Associated Flash video (39 MB): The Channel into the Harbour
Andres Millan 2007-December
255 Development of a Semi-automated System for Structural Deformation Monitoring Using a Reflectorless Total Station (5 MB) Chris Gairns 2008-January
256 Incorporating the Concept of 'Community' into a Spatially-weighted Local Regression Analysis (2 MB) Hon Shing (Richard) Chan 2008-April
257 Single-Frequency, Single-Receiver Terrestrial and Spaceborne Point Positioning (3 MB) Tomas Beran 2008-August
258 Bottom Tracking Issues and Recognition Thereof Using SHOALS-3000 Green Laser Beam in Dense Fields of Zostera Marina and Laminaria Sp. (14 MB) Pim Kuus 2008-April
259 Mapping of GDOP Estimates Through the Use of Lidar Data (4 MB) Krista Amolins 2008-June
260 Developing a Nested Finite-element Hydrodynamic Model to Predict Phase and Amplitude Modification of the Tide Within Narrow Fjords (5 MB) Ian Church 2008-September
261 Towards Improving Segmentation of Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery (3 MB) Ben A. Wuest 2008-September
262 Ray-tracing Options to Mitigate the Neutral Atmosphere Delay in GPS (3 MB) Felipe Geremia Nievinski 2009-January
263 An Analysis of Multi-Frequency Carrier Phase Linear Combinations for GNSS (3 MB) Landon Urquhart 2009-February
264 Modelling Tropospheric Gradients and Parameters from NWP Models: Effects on GPS Estimates (5 MB) Reza Ghoddousi-Fard 2009-February
265 Prediction of Error Due to Terrain Slope in LiDAR Observations (4 MB) Tristan Goulden 2009-January
266 Establishment and Maintenance of a New Geospatial Frame for Tanzania-TZRF10 (5 MB) James Daniel Mtamakaya 2009-January
267 Precise Point Positioning with GPS: A New Approach for Positioning, Atmospheric Studies, and Signal Analysis (4 MB) Rodrigo Figueiredo Leandro 2009-April
268 Technical Development for Automatic Aerial Triangulation of High Resolution Satellite Imagery (11 MB) Zhen Xiong 2009-May
269 Assessing Alternative Technologies for Use of Volunteered Geographic Information in Authoritative Databases (2 MB) Botshelo Sabone 2009-December
270 Design of a Conceptual Land Information Management Model for the Rural Cadastre in Brazil (20 MB) Silvane Karoline Silva Paixão 2010-January
271 Estimation of Sounding Uncertainty from Measurements of Water Mass Variability (14 MB) Jonathan Daniel Beaudoin 2010-January
272 Advanced Health Information Sharing with Web-Based GIS (4 MB) Sheng Gao 2010-March
273 A Real-Time Software GNSS Receiver Development Framework (3 MB) Douglas A. Godsoe 2010-April
274 Mast Tracking Capability of EM3002D Using Water Column Imaging (53 MB) Auke van der Werf 2010-September
275 Assessment of Tropospheric Slant Factor Models: Comparison with Three Dimensional Ray-Tracing and Impact on Geodetic Positioning (5 MB) Landon Urquhart 2011-January
276 Design and Implementation of a Costal Collaborative GIS to Support Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Adaptation Strategies (4 MB) Titus Tienaah 2011-March
277 An Improved Approach For Soil Moisture Estimation By Employing Illumination-Corrected Data in a Modified Ts-VI Method (2 MB) Amer Abdalla Ahmad 2011-September
278 A Supervised Approach for the Estimation of Parameters of Multiresolution Segmentation and its Application in Building Feature Extraction from VHR Imagery (9 MB) Vivek Dey 2011-September
279 Proper Environmental Reduction for Attenuation in Multi-Sector Sonars (7 MB) Rodrigo de Campos Carvalho 2012-August
280 Automatic Mid-Water Target Detection Using Multibeam Water Column (22 MB) Carlos Rubrio Videira Marques 2012-August
281 Urban Land Cover Classification and Moving Vehicle Extraction Using Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery (12 MB) Bahram Salehi 2012-September
282 Assessment of Atmospheric Pressure Loading on the International GNSS REPRO1 Solutions Periodic Signatures (11 MB) James Daniel Mtamakaya 2012-October
283 Legal Issues and Validation of Volunteered Geographic Information (2 MB) Andriy Rak 2013-April
284 Implementation and Validation of a UNB Vienna Mapping Functions Service (35 MB) Matthew McAdam 2013-May
285 User-Side Modelling and Comparative Analysis of Airborne LiDAR Errors (5 MB) Patrick Adda 2013-July
286 Unsupervised Detection of Opium Poppy Fields in Afghanistan from E0-1 Hyperion Data (2 MB) Jianjun Wang 2013-September
287 Carrier-Phase Multipath Mitigation In RTK-Based GNSS Dual-Antenna Systems (21 MB) Luis Serrano 2013-October
288 Development of a Geospatial Reference Framework - A Case Study for the UNB-GGE Survey Camp (3 MB) Samyar Sepehr 2013-December
289 Historical Maps of Grand Lake Meadows (24 MB) Heather McGrath 2013-December
290 Autonomous Mobile Robot Indoor Navigation Using Multi-Sensor Integration (16 MB) Hui Tang 2014-January
291 Implementing Scalable Geoweb Applications Using Cloud and Internet Computing (2 MB) Seyed Emad Mousavi 2014-March
292 Advances in Gravity Based Height Systems (43 MB) Robert Kingdon 2012-January
293 Modelling the Estuarine Circulation of the Port of Saint John: Applications in Hydrographic Surveying (68 MB) Ian Church 2014-May
294 Improved Convergence for GNSS Precise Point Positioning (6 MB) Simon Banville 2014-July
295 Enhanced Gaussian Background Modeling Algorithm and Implementation in FPGA for Real-Time Moving Object Detection in Surveillance Video (4 MB) Ge Guo 2014-September
296 Visualization, Statistical Analysis, and Mining of Historical Vessel Data (3 MB) Sabarish Senthilnathan Muthu 2015-February
297 Improving Shallow-Water Multibeam Target Detection at Low Grazing Angles (14 MB) Douglas Luiz da Silva Pereira 2015-July
298 Determination of a Geoid Model for Ghana Using the Stokes-Helmert Method (3 MB) Michael Adjei Klu 2015-August
299 Remote Sensing of Spruce Budworm Defoliation in Quebec, Canada Using EO-1 Hyperion Data (5 MB) Zhongwei Huang 2015-September
300 A Geospatial Web Application (GEOWAPP) for Supporting Course Laboratory Practices in Surveying Engineering (3 MB) Jaime Garbanzo Leon 2015-September
301 Spatial Analysis of Land Cover Changes in the Grand Lake Meadows, New Brunswick (4 MB) Oluwatimilehin Okikiolu Shodimu 2016-January
302 Design of a Semi-Automated LiDAR Point Classification Framework (10 MB) Krista Amolins 2016-April
303 Coupling of Repetitive Multibeam Surveys and Hydrodynamic Modelling to Understand Bedform Migration and Delta Evolution (21 MB) Danar Guruh Pratomo 2016-June
304 Extracting Sonar Relative Beam Patterns for Multi-Sector Multibeam Sonar (22 MB) Anand Devappa Hiroji 2016-June
305 Development and Assessment of Loosely-Coupled INS Using Smartphone Sensors (7 MB) Eduardo Infante 2016-October
306 De-Correlation of Tropospheric Error and Height Component on GNSS Using Combined Zenith-Dependent Parameter (41 MB) Yong-Won Ahn 2016-December
307 Building Detection in Off-nadir Very High Resolution Satellite Images Based on Stereo 3D Information (5 MB) Alaeldin Suliman 2017-January
308 Web-Based Flood Risk Assessment - Rapid, User-Friendly Tools Leveraging Open Data (5 MB) Heather Dana McGrath 2017-April