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Lecture Notes

LN # Title Author(s) Date
15 Matrices (5 MB) D. E. Wells 1971-May
16 Coordinate Systems in Geodesy (13 MB) E.J. Krakiwsky
D. E. Wells
18 The Method of Least Squares (14 MB) D. E. Wells
E.J. Krakiwsky
22 The Least Squares Approximation (7 MB) P. Vaníček
D. E. Wells
23 Brief Outline of the Molodenskij Theory (3 MB) P. Vaníček 1974-August
25 Earth-Pole Wobble (3 MB) P. Vaníček 1974-August
27 Tensors (9 MB) P. Vaníček 1972-September
32 Gravimetric Satellite Geodesy (10 MB) P. Vaníček 1973-March
34 Systematic Analysis of Distortions in Map Projections (2 MB) L. Hradilek
A.C. Hamilton
35 Introduction to Adjustment Calculus (20 MB) P. Vaníček 1973-September
36 The Earth Tides (4 MB) P. Vaníček 1973-October
37 Conformal Map Projections in Geodesy (12 MB) E.J. Krakiwsky 1973-September
39 Geodetic Position Computations (10 MB) E.J. Krakiwsky
D.B. Thomson
40 Aerotriangulation (13 MB) W. Faig 1976-June
42 A Synthesis of Recent Advances in the Method of Least Squares (11 MB) E.J. Krakiwsky 1975-May
43 Physical Geodesy (9 MB) P. Vaníček 1976-January
48 Mathematical Models for Horizontal Geodetic Networks (3 MB) E.J. Krakiwsky
D.B. Thomson
49 Introduction to Geodetic Astronomy (OCR'd - 3 MB) D.B. Thomson 1981-December
54 Style Manual for the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (OCR'd - 6 MB) W. Wells 2001-November
55 Photogrammetry for Civil and Forest Engineers (11 MB) E.E. Derenyi 1982-October
57 Photogrammetry: The Concepts (31 MB) E.E. Derenyi 1996-September
58 Guide to GPS Positioning (OCR'd - 72 MB; low-res version, OCR'd - 13 MB) D. Wells
N. Beck
D. Delikaraoglou
A. Kleusberg
E.J. Krakiwsky
G. Lachapelle
R.B. Langley
M. Nakiboglu
K.-P. Schwarz
J.M. Tranquilla
P. Vaníček