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GGE 2013 Practicum II - 2002

Following on the success of Practicum II - 2001, this year's practicum (a.k.a. survey camp) was again based upon a combination of the following:

Practicum II - 2002 took place at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre (HMSC) located in St. Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick. The residential period was from 29 April - 6 May; this was followed by a week of computations, analysis and report writing back at UNB in Fredericton.

The Camp made use of high precision GPS, total stations and levels. The goal of the Camp was to produce a topographic plan of the lower campus of the HMSC. This was achieved through a combination of Trimble Geomatics Office and AutoCad - a copy of the final plan can be seen here (a .6 MB PDF document). The final mounted plan was presented to the HMSC on 18 July 2002. This date was chosen as it coincided with meetings at the HMSC of the HMSC Board of Directors and the HMSC Advisory Board.

A picture poster illustrating many of the different elements of the Camp can be seen by clicking here (a 2.8 MB PDF document). By being collocated with the Hydro Camp (GGE5083), Practicum II students were exposed to this senior Camp and all students were able to spend some time on the Dept's new survey launch "The Heron."

The presentation of the final plan to the Chair of the Board of Directors, Professor Paul Hebert (right) of the University of Guelph by the Chair of GGE, Professor Peter Dare (left), the Camp tutor. (Photo: Mary Colbourn-Green)