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GGE Survey Camp II Students Map
Montgomery Street Elementary School

A topographic survey of the Montgomery Street Elementary School was undertaken as the project for GGE 2103, Survey Camp II, in May 1997 and also to provide the school with an up-to-date plan of their facilities. After gathering the field data electronically, PC-based software was used to process the data and to plot the plan in the New Brunswick mapping coordinate system. A full resolution copy of the plan in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) was also produced.

The students were required to connect to existing New Brunswick coordinated monuments by a local traverse. Elevations were determined using a Leica NA3000 digital automatic level with bar-coded staves and the horizontal traversing used Leica T1600 and T2000 electronic theodolites with add-on Leica Distomat EDMs (electronic distance measuring instruments). The field data was recorded in both Leica Rec Modules and a Leica GRE4 Data Recorder for later uploading into C&G; Survey Software on a PC for processing. The students then used C&G; to perform the traverse calculations and coordinate the detail measurements. After that, C&G; was again used to construct a DEM (digital elevation model) so that contours could be generated. The resulting contours were then combined with graphic files generated in both C&G; and AutoCAD to produce the finished plan (114 cm by 86 cm at a scale of 1:250) plotted on a Hewlett-Packard Draftmaster.

This is the third time that a Fredericton school has been mapped by GGE students. In previous years, students mapped the grounds of Garden Creek School and Albert Street Junior High School.

Camp II is coordinated by Prof. Alfred Kleusberg with the technical assistance of Howard Biggar.

Click on the thumbnail image to fetch the PDF version of the plan, 418 KB. You can use Acrobat Viewer's zoom facility to examine plan details.