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UNB's Surveying Engineering Graduates
Map 35 Years of Success

Philippe Breau will have his choice of jobs when he graduates from the University of New Brunswick this spring. Like his 22 classmates, he is in demand.

"Graduates of our bachelor's program in surveying engineering are sought around the world," says James Secord, director of undergraduate studies for the department of geodesy and geomatics engineering. "Over the last 35 years we've graduated 635 surveying engineers, and nearly without exception, they've left with a job in hand."

Today, UNB's surveying engineers are working on land registration systems in Russia and Peru helping to put state-owned land into the hands of private citizens. Others are using the satellite Global Positioning System to monitor ground subsidence in Venezuelan oil fields and dam deformation in Pakistan, and in Thailand a graduate is providing high-tech surveying for forestry, agriculture and urban planning.

"Most students have a choice of opportunities," says Dr. Secord. "We find that employers come back again and again. This spring we've had four repeat companies from the U.S. that want to hire two or three grads each."

Mr. Breau credits the quality of the faculty with the program's success. "Most of the professors in the department of geodesy and geomatics engineering are the experts in their field," he says. "It's great because they bring their research and contract experiences into the classroom."

The worldwide reputation of the faculty is a drawing card for graduate students as well. The department currently has 72 master's and PhD students from 23 countries, including a number of officers from the Portuguese Navy.

As for Mr. Breau, he's had two offers from companies in Western Canada to conduct legal surveys for oil claims. "My goal is to get my legal land survey licence," he says. "I don't know which job I'll take. I think I'll wait and see...."

Release date: April 23, 1997
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